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Navigation Primer for Fishermen, 2nd Edition

Navigation Primer for Fishermen, 2nd Edition

F. S. Howell

ISBN: 978-0-852-38139-7

Jan 1991, Wiley-Blackwell

196 pages

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This book, written by the former head of a navigation school, is intended as a primer to help all inshore and coastal fishermen gain a better understanding of the principles of navigation. This is still an essential skill in spite of the increased use of electronic aids in moern fishing boats. The text sets out the elementary requirments simply and clearly, aided by many illustrations, dealing not only with navigation, but also with chartwork, pilotage and ship stability. This new edition adds electronic navigation and has been revised to cover instruction on navigation in both hemispheres.
The compass; Charts and navigational publications; Chartwork; The sextant; Use of travese tables - plane and mercator sailing; Nautical astronomy; Ship stability; Miscellaneous; Use of electronic navigation instruments.