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Nearshore and Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Transport

Nearshore and Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Transport

Ashish J. Mehta (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66501-5

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

582 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Volume 42.

Once again I have the privilege and satisfaction of prefacing a monograph dedicated to cohesive sediments, based on presentations at the Nearshore and Estuarine Cohesive Sediment Transport Workshop held in St. Petersburg, Florida in April, 1991. This meeting was subtitled — "with Special Reference to Episodic Signatures." May I say a few words apropos "episodic", whose received meaning is storm-induced, yet only two of the thirty-two contributions have "episodic" in their titles and, in fact, barring a few notable exceptions, most papers make no explicit reference to influences of oceanographic forcing having periodicities that differ from those that are astronomically induced or are wind-wave dependent. When time came for me to take stock of the themes in the contributions in re my initial selection of the focus on episodic signatures, I came to the realization that as scientists we must obviously recognize the role of wide ranging frequencies in governing coastal sediment transport in general, and therefore in that context of course the entire volume is devoted to "episodic" effects in one way or another.


Response of Coastal Plain Estuaries to Episodic Events in the Chesapeake Bay Region
Maynard M. Nichols 1

Flocculation and the Physical Properties of Flocs
Wilbert Lick and Hening Huang  21

Turbulence, Flocculation and Cohesive Sediment Dynamics
Emmanuel Partheniades  40

In Situ Particle Size Distributions Resulting from Flocculation of Suspended Sediment
Kate Kranck, Ellen Petricrew, Timothy G. Milligan and Ian G. Droppo  6O

The Role of Large Aggregates in Estuarine Fine-Grained Sediment Dynamics
Wire van Leussen and John M. Cornelisse  75

Long-Term Structural Variations in Suspended Sediment Profiles
Onyx W.H. Wai, Keith W. Bedford and Mohamed Abdelrhman  92

Sedimentation Revisited
Ray B. Krone  108

Rheological Response of Cohesive Sediments to Oscillatory Forcing
Hsien-Ter Chou, Mostafa A. Foda and James R. Hunt  126

A Model for Estuarine Sedimentation Involving Marine Snow
J. William Lavelle  148

Mathematical Modeling of Cohesive Sediment Settling and Consolidation
Erik A. Toorman and Jean E. Berlamont  167

Deposition of Graded Natural Muds in The Netherlands
Harmen Verbeek, Cees Kuijper, John M. Cornelisse and Johan C. Winterwerp  185

Instability and Entrainment Mechanisms at the Stratified Fluid Mud-Water Interface
Panagiotis D . Scarlatos and Ashish J . Mehta  205

Observations on the Entrainment of Fluid Mud by Shear Flow
Ashish J. Mehta and Rajesh Srinivas  224

Rates of Erosion and Deposition of Cohesive Sediments Under Wave Action
Nobuo Mimura  247

VIMS Sea Carousel: Its Hydrodynamic Characteristics
Jerome P.-Y. Maa  265

Fluid Mud Movement on an Inclined Bed
Tetsuya Kusuda, Ryoichi Watanabe, Tohru Futawatari and Hiroyuki Yamanishi  281

A Laboratory Study on the Behavior of Mud from the Western Scheldt under Tidal Conditions
Johan C. Winterwerp, John M. Cornelisse and Cees Kuijper 295

Experimental Investigations of the Erosional Behavior of Naturally Formed Mud from the Elbe Estuary and Adjacent Wadden Sea, Germany
Matthias Schunemann and Herbert Kuhl  314

Transport of Fine Sediments by Hydrostatic Jets
Scott A. Jenkins, Saima Aijaz and Joseph Wasyl  331

The Stability of Sediments Containing Microbial Communities: Initial Experiments with Varying Light Intensity
Clay L. Montague, Mary Paulic and Trimbak M. Parchute 348

Biological Control of Mass Properties of Surficial Sediments: An Example from Starr's Point Tidal Flat, Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy
Richard W. Faas, Harold A. Christian, Graham R. Daborn and Michael Brylinsky  360

Effect of Episodic Events on Tidal Mud Flat Stability, Ardmillan Bay, Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland
Robert Kirby, Robert J. Bleakley, S.T. Colin Weatherup, Paul J. Raven and Nell D. Donaldson  378

Wave Motions on a Lutocline Above a Stably Stratified Bottom Boundary Layer
Charles E. Adams, Jr., John T. Wells and Yong-Ahn Park 393

Suspended Transport and Sediment-Size Transport Effects in a Well-Mixed, Meso-Tidal Estuary
Allen M. Teeter  411

Observationsa nd Analysiso f the Movement of Fluid Mud in an Estuary
Nicholas V. M. Odd, Mark Bentley and Colin B. Waters  430

In Situ Variability of Large Aggregates: Preliminary Results on the Effects of Shear
Richard A. Luettich, Jr., John T. Wells and Seok-Yun Kim  447

Application of a Multivariate Transport Model for Understanding Cohesive Sediment Dynamics
Pierre Le Hit, Philippe Bassoulleta nd Jacky L'Yavanc  467

Application of a Mathematical Model to Investigate Sedimentation at Eastham Dock, Mersey Estuary
Antony P. Diserens, Mary C. Ockenden and E. Andrew Delo  486

Modeling of Suspended Sediment Transport in a Tidal River
Tohru Futawatari and Tetsuya Kusuda  504

Modeling the Distribution of Suspended Matter and of Lead in the North Sea
Walter Puls and Jfirgen Sfindermann  520

Preliminary Modeling of Wave-Enhanced Sediment and Contaminant Transport in New Bedford Harbor
Yasuo Onishi, Hans C. Graber and Donald S. Trent  541

Hydrodynamics, Sediment Transport and Their Effects on Phosphorus Dynamics in Lake Okeechobee
Y. Peter Sheng  558