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Net Profit: How to Invest and Compete in the Wild World of Internet Business

Net Profit: How to Invest and Compete in the Wild World of Internet Business

Peter S. Cohan

ISBN: 978-0-787-95319-5 October 1999 Jossey-Bass 314 Pages




The recent Internet stock crash has caused investors and managersto throw the baby out with the bath water. The gloom surroundingmany publicly traded Internet companies makes objective evaluationof their performance difficult. In Net Profit, author Peter Cohanbreaks down the complexity of the Internet market by answering twobasic questions: Who makes money on Internet-related business? Andhow do they do it? His incisive analyses of leading Internetcompanies, their competitors, and their chances for continuedgrowth pinpoint the factors that investors and managers in Internetbusiness must examine to ensure future success.
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"Net Profit clearly shows how to distinguish companies with successful Internet strategies from those that will be left behind in cyberspace. It is must reading for investors, executives, and anyone who wants to understand how to analyze or develop an Internet business model." (Fred M. Gerson, former vice president and CFO, Marimba, Inc.)

"Why are portal companies, with only hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, valued at tens of billions of dollars? And is this valuation justified and sustainable? In Net Profit, Peter Cohan explains why those who use the Internet to communicate with their customers will flourish, and those who do not will perish." (Roger Sippl, general partner, Sippl Macdonald Ventures)