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Netscape Mozilla Source Code Guide

Netscape Mozilla Source Code Guide

ISBN: 978-0-764-54588-7

Dec 1999

448 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Netscape?? Mozilla?(TM) source code guide All the Techniques You Need to Put Mozilla to Work Mozilla, the open source version of Netscape Communicator, is an indispensable resource if you want to develop custom Internet applications. But Mozilla is also dauntingly complex, with over 50 separate modules comprising more than 30 million lines of code. This unique guide, developed in collaboration with Netscape Communications, provides a lucid overview of each Mozilla module -- and shows you step by step how to harness the cross-platform power of this versatile Internet application. Working Solutions for Internet Development Challenges
* Understand the legal ground rules that govern the use of Mozilla code
* Master key Mozilla concepts such as virtual interfaces, interface identifiers, factories, repositories, and linked libraries
* Grasp how each Mozilla module is organized, named, and used
* Get up to speed on powerful Mozilla development tools such as CVS, Bonsai, Tinderbox, and Bugzilla
* Learn step-by-step programming techniques for customizing the Mozilla back end and front end
* Discover how to build Mozilla source on a Windows, Macintosh, or Unix platform
* Join the Mozilla open source movement -- and stay in touch through, newsletters, and online discussion groups
Published and technically reviewed with the authorization and collaboration of Netscape Communications Corporation Bonus CD-ROM includes:
* Source code for Mozilla
* Additional open source modules
* Mozilla developer tools System Requirements: Windows system running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000; Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0 or later; Perl5 for win32; Macintosh running MacOS 8.5 and MetroWerks CodeWarrior Pro 4.1 or later; Unix or Linux system with Perl 5 and a C/C++ compiler, such as egcs version 1.1.1 or gcc version 2.7.2


PART I: Getting Started.

1. Introducing Mozilla and the Netscape Open Source Program.

2. Getting Involved.

PART II: Managing the Source Code.

3. Making Sense of the Mozilla Source.

4. Managing Source Files and Modules.

5. Developer Tools and Techniques.

PART III: Working with the Source Code.

6. User Interface Design Concepts.

7. Programming the User Interface.

8. Defining Windows, Menus, and Toolbars with XUL.

9. Core Types and Variables.

10. Thread Handling and Synchronization.

11. Managing File I/O in Mozilla.

12. Memory Management and Error Handling.

PART IV: Developing and Building Mozilla.

13. Understanding Mozilla's Build System.

14. Developing Mozilla on Windows Systems.

15. Developing Mozilla on Macintosh Systems.

16. Developing Mozilla on Unix Systems.

Appendix A: CVS Commands and Syntax.

Appendix B: Netscape Module Summary and Troubleshooting Guide.

Appendix C: Netscape Open Source Forums and Discussions.

Appendix D: What's on the CD-ROM?


General Public License.

Netscape and Mozilla Public Licenses Version 1.1.


CD-ROM Installation Instructions.