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Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation

Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos Design and Implementation

Gonzalo Gómez Herrero , Jan Antón Bernal van der Ven

ISBN: 978-1-119-96471-1

Aug 2011

566 pages



This book provides a complete reference to network mergers and migrations using the Junos operating system

Network Mergers and Migrations provides readers with a comprehensive guide for network migration activities by detailing a variety of internetworking case studies. Both enterprise and service provider scenarios are examined based on the experience and expertise of two senior Juniper Networks engineers. From MPLS Layer 3 VPN migration approaches to comprehensive network protocol consolidation and integration, each case study covers planning, design and implementation, as well as discussing alternatives and leveraging additional specific services and Junos resources, to ensure successful completion at each migration phase. These case studies are complemented with solid state-of-the-art protocol analysis and with practical application notes focused on specific functionalities. Readers are shown, not told, how to accomplish one of the more critical tasks of modern day networking – merging two or more networks or migrating one into the other. This is a book that truly describes the challenges that involve networks in modern environments, in both enterprise and service provider milieus.

Key Features:

  • Provides an invaluable reference for engineers needing to upgrade networks, consolidate activities, or deploy new features or services.
  • Contains case studies and application notes of network migrations, moving well beyond theoretical technology descriptions.
  • Offers advanced techniques from engineers who have planned, designed, and accomplished complicated internetwork migrations, offering lessons learned from their success stories and pitfall situations.
  • Covers specific Junos resources for routing tables, link-state interior gateway protocols, BGP, MPLS label distribution protocols, MPLS Layer 3 VPN and many more Junos related features and functionalities

Network Mergers and Migrations will be of immense interest to network engineers, network designers, architects, and operators, as well as network planners and consultants. Networking engineering students will discover a treasure trove of real-world scenarios and solutions and the book is additional recommended reading for students pursuing Juniper Networks Technical Certification Programs.

0.1 Motivation

0.2 Book audience

0.3 Book structure

1 Dealing with routes within the router

1.1 Intrarouter Route handling Features in JUNOS Software

1.2 RIB Route Advertisement at MPLS VPNs

1.3 Directing traffic to forwarding tables

1.4 Case Study


2 Link-State IGP migrations

2.1 Link-state IGP hierarchical migrations

2.2 Link-state IGP domain migrations

2.3 Case Study


3 BGP Migrations

3.1 Motivations for BGP migrations

3.2 Considerations for BGP migrations

3.3 Generic strategies for BGP migrations

3.4 JUNOS Software implementation of BGP

3.5 Resources for JUNOS Software BGP migrations

3.6 Case study


4 MPLS Label Distributions migrations

4.1 Motivations for MPLS Label Distribution migrations

4.2 Considerations for MPLS Label Distribution migrations

4.3 Generic strategies for an MPLS label distribution protocol migration

4.4 Resources for an MPLS label distribution protocol migration

4.5 Case Study


5 MPLS Layer 3 VPN migrations

5.1 Motivations for Layer 3 VPNs migrations

5.2 Considerations for Layer 3 VPN migrations

5.3 Generic strategies for L3 VPN migrations

5.4 JunOS implementation of L3 VPNs

5.5 Resources for L3 VPN migrations

5.6 Case Study