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Neurological Investigations

Neurological Investigations

Richard A. C. Hughes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91080-6

Feb 1997, BMJ Books

520 pages

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A concise, up to date book covering all the methods of investigation for the major neurological, neurosurgical, and neuropsychiatric disorders. The latest imaging, physiological, and psychological tests are described and metabolic and genetic advances are discussed. Summaries at the end of each chapter provide practical guidance to the available investigations for the different disorders.
Contributors; Introdution, R.A.C Hughes; Electroencephalography, C.D. Binnie, P.F. Prior; Imagining the head: the brain, Dr I. Mosley; Imagining the head: blood vessels, Dr. R. Sellar; Imagining the head: PET, Dr G.V. Sawle; Imagining the spinal cord, Dr J.M. Stevens; Intracranial pressure, Professor J.D. Pickard; Cerebrospinal fluid, Dr E.J. Thompson; Encephalography, Dr C. Binnie; Neuropsychological testing, Professor E. Warrington; Neuro-ophthalmology - visual disorders, Mr. M. Sanders; Neurotology, including eye movement disorders, Professor C. Kennard; Vestibulocerebellar abnormality, Dr A. Bronstein, Dr P. Rudege; Investigating peripheral neuropathy, Professor J.G. McLeod; Investigating muscle disease, Dr B.R.F. Lecky; Neurogenic bladder, Dr. C. Fowler; Metabolic disorders, Dr P.D. Swanson; Cerebrospinal fluid, E.J. Thompson; Multimodalmonitoring in neurointensive care, P.J. Kirkpatrick, M. Czosnyka, J.D. Pickard; Index