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Neuronal and Cognitive Effects of Oestrogens

Neuronal and Cognitive Effects of Oestrogens

Derek J. Chadwick (Editor), Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-87080-8

Oct 2003

292 pages



Although normally thought of as a sex hormone, recent research has highlighted the numerous and significant effects that oestrogen has on the CNS, extending far beyond its important reproductive role. It has been shown that oestrogen acts as a neural growth factor with important influences on the survival, plasticity, regeneration and ageing of the mammalian brain.

This exciting book brings together leading clinicians and researchers to discuss oestrogen's basic mechanisms of action, the extrahypothalmic brain regions it affects, and its influence on cognitive functions in animals and humans. Finally, recent research on the role of oestrogens in ageing and dementia, including the significance of oestrogen action in Alzheimer's disease, is discussed. The 15 papers contained in this book, together with the extensive discussion sessions that follow them, reveal much new and exciting work in this area, and identify promising new research directions.
Chairman's Introduction (B. McEwen).

Mechanism of Oestrogen Signalling with Particular Reference to the Role of ERß in the Central Nervous System (E. Treuter, et al.).

Oestrogen Receptor Function at Classical and Alternative Response Elements (P. Kushner, et al.).


Nuclear Receptor Versus Plasma Membrane Oestrogen Receptor (E. Levin).

Novel Sites and Mechanisms of Oestrogen Action in the Brain (C. Toran-Allerand).

Oestrogen Modulation of Noradrenaline Neurotransmission (A. Herbison, et al.).

Oestrogen and the Cholinergic Hypothesis: Implications for Oestrogen Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Women (R. Gibbs).

Ovarian Steroid Action in the Serotonin Neural System of Macaques (C. Bethea, et al.).

Oestrogen Effects on Dopaminergic Function in Striatum (J. Becker).


Oestrogen Effects in Olivo-Cerebellar and Hippocampal Circuits (S. Smith, et al.).

Effects of Oestradiol on Hippocampal Circuitry (C. Woolley).

Oestrogen and Cognitive Function Throughout the Female Lifespan (B. Sherwin).

Neuroprotective Effects of Phenolic A Ring Oestrogens (P. Green, et al.).

The Female Sex Hormone Oestrogen as Neuroprotectant: Activities at Various Levels (C. Behl, et al.).

Neurohormonal Signalling Pathways and the Regulation of Alzheimer ß-Amyloid Metabolism (S. Gandy & S. Petanceska).

Oestrogens and Dementia (V. Henderson).