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New Economy Edge: Strategies and Techniques for Boosting Online Profitability



New Economy Edge: Strategies and Techniques for Boosting Online Profitability

Jeremy Kourdi

ISBN: 978-0-470-84547-9 May 2003 272 Pages


The Wiley New Economy Excellence series has a simple aim - to help managers create and sustain competitive advantage in the new economy. Written by series editor Jeremy Kourdi, New Economy Edge is an inspiring look at how to create and develop profitable online activities by grasping the impact of the Internet on employees, markets, customers and business partners. Features include a review of products and services suitable for new channels, a guide to integrating 'clicks' into 'bricks', and an exploration of the skills required to take a business forward once a new direction has been set.

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Understanding the Nature of Online Business.

Focusing the Profit-Driven Online Business.

Leading and Building the Online Business.

Developing Your Markets to Increase Profitability.

Internet Pricing.

Developing an Internet Sales Strategy.

Building Brands and Customer Loyalty.

Using the Internet for Profitable Product Innovation.

Suppliers and Supply Chains: Reducing Costs and Adding Value.

Managing Knowledge to Enhance Profitability.

Financial Techniques to Reduce Costs, Minimise Risk and Boost Profits Online.

Resource Building: The Key to the Competitive Online Business.

Online Solutions: Delivering Profitability.



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