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New Economy Excellence Series, New Economy Energy: Unleashing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage



New Economy Excellence Series, New Economy Energy: Unleashing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage

Sultan Kermally

ISBN: 978-0-470-84546-2 July 2002 288 Pages


Forward-thinking companies are focusing their attention on knowledge, that insubstantial asset which is recognised as a key competitive capability in the new economy. Yet despite the mantra that knowledge is '70% people, 20% process and 10% technology', too much emphasis is still placed on technical aspects of knowledge management by firms embarking on initiatives in this area. Zooming in on a critical issue, this new title in the groundbreaking New Economy Excellence series helps managers to consistently reap competitive benefits by understanding the nature of knowledge and how to make the most of it in the ultra-competitive e-world.

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E-Business Energy: Unleashing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage.

Knowledge Management: The Main Drivers.

E-Business, Strategy and New Business Models: Creating Value for Customers and Shareholders.

Strategic Assets of a Knowledge-Driven Organisation.

Knowledge Management is About People.

Managing Talent.

Capturing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage.

The Role of the Internet in Knowledge Creation, Capture and Transfer.

Knowledge and Innovation.

The Learning Organisation.

Intellectual Property Protection: The Legal Dimension of Knowledge Management.

Knowledge Management in Practice.

Becoming a Knowledge-Driven Organisation.



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