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New Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Applications in Nanobiotechnology, Single Molecule Detection, and Single Cell Analysis

New Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Bioanalysis: Advanced Analytical Chemistry Applications in Nanobiotechnology, Single Molecule Detection, and Single Cell Analysis

Xiao-Hong Nancy Xu (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-74660-7 April 2007 344 Pages


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An overview of current research and developments in ultrasensitive bioanalysis

New platforms of ultrasensitive analysis of biomolecules and single living cells using multiplexing, single nanoparticle sensing, nano-fluidics, and single-molecule detection are advancing every scientific discipline at an unprecedented pace. With chapters written by a diverse group of scientists working in the forefront of ultrasensitive bioanalysis, this book provides an overview of the current status and an in-depth understanding of the objectives and future research directions of ultrasensitive bioanalysis. Spanning a wide spectrum of new research approaches, this book:

  • Introduces new theories, ideas, methodologies, technologies, and applications of ultrasensitive bioanalysis in a wide variety of research fields
  • Includes background, fundamentals, and descriptions of instrumentation and techniques behind every experimental design and approach to help readers explore the promising applications of new tools
  • Covers single molecule detection (SMD), single living cell analysis, multi-functional nanoparticle probes, miniaturization, multiplexing, quantitative and qualitative analysis of metal ions and small molecules, and more
  • Discusses techniques such as single molecule microscope and spectroscopy, single nanoparticle optics, single nanoparticle sensors, micro- and nano-fluidics, microarray detection, ultramicroelectrodes, electrochemiluminescence, mass spectrometry, and more

This book will be a useful resource and an inspiration for scientists and graduate and undergraduate students in a wide variety of research fields, including chemistry, biology, biomedical science and engineering, and materials science and engineering.



Chapter 1. Is One Enough (Andrew C. Beveridge, James H. Jett, and Richard A. Keller)?

Chapter 2. Dissecting Cellular Activity from Single Genes to Single mRNAs (Xavier Darzacq, Robert H. Singer, and Yaron Shav-Tal).

Chapter 3. Probing Membrane Transport of Single Live Cells Using Single Molecule Detection and Single Nanoparticle Assay (Xiao-Hong Nancy Xu, Yujun Song, and Prakash D. Nallathamby).

Chapter 4. Nanoparticle Probes for Ultrasensitive Biological Detection and Imaging (Amit Agrawal, Tushar Sathe, and Shuming Nie).

Chapter 5. Tailoring Nanoparticles for the Recognition of Biomacromolecule Surfaces (Mrinmoy De, Rochelle R. Arvizo, Ayush Verma and Vincent M. Rotello).

Chapter 6. Nanoscale Chemical Analysis of Individual Subcellular Compartments (Gina S. Fiorini and Daniel T. Chiu).

Chapter 7. Ultra-sensitive Time-resolved Near-IR Fluorescence for Multiplexed Bioanalysis (Li Zhu and Steven A. Soper).

Chapter 8. Ultra-Sensitive Microarray Detection of DNA using Enzymatically Amplified SPR Imaging (Hye Jin Lee, Alastair W. Wark and Robert M. Corn).

Chapter 9. Ultrasensitive Analysis of Metal Ions and Small Molecules in Living Cells (Richard B. Thompson).

Chapter 10. Electrochemistry Inside and Outside Single Nerve Cells (Daniel J. Eves and Andrew G. Ewing).

Chapter 11. New Bioanalytical Applications of Electrochemiluminescence (Yanbing Zu and Xiao-Hong Nancy Xu).

Chapter 12. Single Cell Measurements with Mass Spectrometry (Eric B. Monroe, John C. Jurchen, Stanislav Rubakhin, and Jonathan V. Sweedler).

Chapter 13. Outlooks of Ultrasensitive Detection in Bioanalysis (Xiao-Hong Nancy Xu).