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New Perspectives on the Earth's Magnetotail

New Perspectives on the Earth's Magnetotail

A. Nishida (Editor), D. N. Baker (Editor), S. W. H. Cowley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66462-9 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 339 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 105.

On the nightside of the Earth, a long magnetic tail is formed by the tangential stress that is exerted by the solar wind as it flows by the planet. The magnetotail is the nightside extension of the Earth's magnetosphere in which the geomagnetic field is confined by the solar wind, and its framework is formed by the field lines emanating from the polar caps. The magnetotail plays a pivotal role in magnetospheric dynamics as the reservoir of the energy that produces a wide variety of phenomena in the Earth's magnetosphere. The interaction of the magnetotail with the ambient solar wind provides virtually all of the energy to drive auroral and geomagnetic processes.

A. Nishida,D . N. Baker,S . W .H. Cowley  vii

Structure of the Magnetotail

Th eD istant M agnetotail: Its Structure, IMF Dependence, and Thermal Properties
K. Maezawa and T. Hori  1

Large-Scale Structure of the Magnetosphere
D. N. Baker and T. I. Puikkinen  21

The Low-Latitude Boundary Layer in the Tail-Flanks
M. Fujimoto, T. Terasawa, and T. Mukai  33

Cold Dense Ion Flows in the Distant Magnetotail: The Geotail Results
Masafumi Hirahara, Kanako Seki, and Toshikumi Mukai  45

Convection and Reconnection in the Earth's Magnetotail
A. Nishida and T. Ogino  61

Magnetotail Structure and Its Internal Particle Dynamics During Northward IMF
M. Ashour-Abdaila, J. Raeder, M. EI-Aiaoui, and V. Peroomian  77

Heating and Acceleration

Ion and Electron Heating in the Near-Earth Magnetotail
Wolfgang Baumjohann  97

Kinetic Structure of the Slow-Mode Shocks in the Earth's Magnetotail
Yoshifumi Saito, Toshifumi Mukai, and Toshio Terasawa  103

Dynamics and Kinetic Properties of Plasmoids and Flux Ropes: GEOTAIL Observations
T. Mukai, T. Yamamoto, and S. Machida  117

The Formation and Structure of Flux Ropes in the Magnetotail
Michael Hesse and Margaret G. Kiveison  139

Kinetic Ion Behavior in Magnetic Reconnection Region
M. Hoshino  153

Advances in the Physics of Earth's Magnetotail
L. A. Frank, W. R. Paterson, S. Kokubun, T. Yamamoto  167

Heavy I on Acceleration b y Reconnection in the Magnetotail: Theory and GEOTAIL Observations
J. Buchner Jr., P. Kuska, B. Wiiken, Q. G. Zong  181

Particle Dynamics in the Near-Earth Magnetotail and Macroscopic Consequences
D. C. Delcourt and G. Belmont  193

Substorm and Ionospheric Junction

Magnetic Reconnection in the Near-Earth Magnetotail
Tsugunob Nuagai and Shinobu Machida 211

Traveling Compressions Regions
James A. Slavin 225

Near Earth Plasma Sheet Penetration and Geomagnetic Disturbances
L. R. Lyons, G. T. Blanchard, J. C. Samson, J. M. Rouhoniemi, R. A. Greenwald, G. D. Reeves, J. D. Scudder 241

Waves and Turbulence

Plasma Waves in Geospace: Geotail Observations
H. Matsumoto, H. Kojima, Y. Omura, and I. Nagano  259

Multiscale Magnetic Structure of the Distant Tail: Self-Consistent Fractal Approach
Lev M. Zelenyi, Alexander V. Milovanov, Gaetano Zimbardo  321