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New York Unbound: The City and the Politics of the Future



New York Unbound: The City and the Politics of the Future

Peter Salins

ISBN: 978-1-557-86008-8 January 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 232 Pages


New York Unbound is a critical examination of the problems and prospects of New York City as it approaches the twenty-first century and a call to arms for a new infusion of energy and creativity in charting its future. As the authors take stock of the city's remarkable resources, they build the argument that the wellsprings of New York's continuing prosperity reside not in further regulation, taxation, subsidization, and political intransigence, but rather in the release of market forces as the stimulant to further growth and greater prosperity and opportunity.

From the creation of better housing to the streamlining of social services, the lessons proffered in New York Unbound will have implications not only for the future of the world's greatest city, but for every city attempting to grapple with the challenges of the future.

Preface vii

About the Authors ix

Introduction 1

1 New York Unbound 7

2 New York's Economic Renaissance 30

3 The New New Yorkers 54

4 Getting Around New York 73

5 Clearing the Regulatory Clutter 93

6 Considering Privatization 109

7 Shaping the Face of New York 127

8 A Social Service System to End Dependency 141

9 Making the Schools Work 153

10 Easing the Housing Crisis 170

11 Reforming the Political System 187

12 Looking Backward--and Forward 203

Index 219