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New and Novel Proteins: Sources, Applications and Advancements for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sectors

New and Novel Proteins: Sources, Applications and Advancements for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sectors

Maria Hayes

ISBN: 978-1-119-38532-5

Oct 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

480 pages

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This book will highlight the various sources, applications and advancements that exist, and that are currently being researched, concerning proteins from novel and traditional sources.

Bioactive compounds and functional foods represent a major market application in food and other industries. This book will discuss sustainable protein resources and give examples of bioactive compounds isolated from these and other resources that have or could obtain high market value in specific markets.

Functional food formulations and pharmaceutical applications, and how they alter biological activity to provide therapeutic benefits, nutritional values and health protection will be covered. As well as hydrolysate generation application. Techno-functional applications of proteins and how technologies, such as those used in the dairy processing industry, will be examined and how these technologies may be applied to non-dairy protein sources will be discussed.

The book will also look at the screening process for identification of bioactive molecules derived from protein sources and the use of a bio-refinery concept during protein extraction processes for protein will be included. Furthermore, computing methods for efficient in silico analysis of proteins and hydrolysate products including peptides will be examined. The book will also describe different protein production methods used for bioactive protein and peptide isolation and identification. Furthermore, this book will provide an insight into the market opportunities that exist for novel proteins such as insect, macroalgal derived and others and discusses the identification and commercialization of new proteins for different markets. It will also highlight regulations in the US, Europe, Japan and China regarding health or novel food claims for functional food products made with novel proteins.

Sources discussed will include marine, by-product proteins, plant, dairy and meat and novel sources including insect, duckweed, rapeseed/canola as well as cereal sources.
Applications discussed will include food, functional foods, feed, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as niche applications.
Novel marine proteins from macroalgae and microalgae, insect protein and protein derived bioactive and techno-functional ingredients and their applications will also feature.