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Next Generation Business Handbook: New Strategies from Tomorrow's Thought Leaders

Next Generation Business Handbook: New Strategies from Tomorrow's Thought Leaders

Subir Chowdhury (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-66996-8

Oct 2004

1320 pages

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Next Generation Business Handbook offers strategies for the next generation of business success from the best business schools around the world.
* Presents fresh ideas from the young, up-and-coming business thinkers and experts from the world's best business schools.
* Coverage of topics like career imprinting and operating in a virtual workspace that are receiving increased attention in organizations.
* Organized around Chowdhury's ""next generation business model.""

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Part One: Leadership and the Business Environment.

1. The Effective Leader.

2. Using Organizational Culture as a Leadership Tool.

3. Leadership and Innovation.

4. Leadership and Destructive Self-Confidence.

Part Two: Leadership and Learning.

5. Leading by Analogy.

6. Career Imprinting and Leadership Development.

Part Three: Leadership and Employees.

7. Leading by Doing.

8. Leadership to Improve Performance.

9. Managing Leadership Images.

Part Four: Leadership and the Workplace.

10. Leadership in the Virtual Workplace.

11. Leadership in a Branded World.

12. Managing a Self-Managed Team.

13. The Merchandising of Leadership.



Part One: Strategies for Competitive Advantage.

14. Quality Strategy.

15. Competing on Social Capabilities.

16. Dynamics of Competitive Interaction.

17. Strategic Advantage and the Dynamics of Organizational Competence.

Part Two: Strategic Planning and Renewal.

18. To Plan or Not to Plan?

19. Mastering Strategic Renewal.

Part Three: Strategies for the Networked Economy.

20. Value Creation in the Networked Economy.

21. Global Strategy in an Internet Era.

Part Four: Strategies for Business Expansion.

22. Symbiosis or Parasitism?

23. Globalization and Management Attention.

Part Five: Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations.

24. Strategy Dynamics for Nonprofit Organizations.



Part One: Relating to the Customer.

25. Understanding Customer Needs.

26. Strengthening Customer Relationships.

27. Building Customer Interface.

28. Avoiding Traps in Customer Relations.

29. Customer Relations Online.

Part Two: Experience with the Customer.

30. Customer Experience.

31. Coping with Critical Criticism.

32. Growing Pains.

33. Persuading with Emotions.

Part Three: Managing the Customer.

34. Strategic Customer Management.

35. Designing Supply and Distribution Channels.

36. Managing Global Customers.


Introduction One.

Introduction Two.

Part One: Entrepreneurial Behavior.

37. The Effective Entrepreneur.

38. Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

39. Nature of Entrepreneurship.

Part Two: Entrepreneurship and Finance.

40. New-Venture Finance.

41. Untangling Service-for-Equity Arrangements.

42. Business Planning.

Part Three: Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

43. Playing Entrepreneurial Judo.

44. Success for New Ventures.

Part Four: Entrepreneurial Management.

45. Entrepreneurial Mind-Set in Multinational Corporations.

46. Sustaining Rapid Growth.

Part Five: Entrepreneurship and Economics.

47. Income Disparity and Entrepreneurship.



Part One: People-Management Strategy.

48. Talent-Management System.

49. Living Strategy.

50. Changing Foundations of People Management.

Part Two: HR Management.

51. Returning Human to HR Management.

52. Change Management and HR Practices.

53. What Really Matters in HR Management?

Part Three: People and the Organization.

54. The Four Thrusts Driving Corporate Renewal.

55. Creating the Family-Friendly Organization.

56. Transforming the Process of Staffing toward Innovation.

57. How Old You Are May Depend on Where You Work.

58. Tomorrow’s Global Workforce.



Part One: Organizations in the Networked ERA.

59. The Power of Networked Business.

60. Managing Networked Organizations.

61. Beyond ‘‘Synergies’’.

62. From Extended Enterprise to Orchestrating a Team of Companies.

63. Digital Networked Business.

Part Two: Network Strategy.

64. Strategic Connections.

65. Technological Mediation as Strategy.

66. Seamless IT Alignment.

67. Seizing the Value of Online Auctions.

68. Building a Platform for E-Business.


About the Leader.

About the Next Generation Business Thinkers.

Author Index.

Subject Index.