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Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs

Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBAs

Isaac Gottlieb

ISBN: 978-0-470-82473-3

Dec 2009

250 pages


Rutgers professor, Dr. Isaac Gottlieb demonstrates an array of advanced financial and accounting functions in this practical Excel modeling book. He shows how to quickly create models that deliver accurate, relevant information related to efficiency, forecasting, and a host of other business and reporting issues. This book describes how Excel can be used efficiently to help build your spreadsheet for a variety of purposes. As an MBA student, an analyst or an executive you could become a spreadsheets expert.
A Word from the Author xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction and Overview xv

PART ONE Using Excel Efficiently 1

CHAPTER 1 AutoFill 3

CHAPTER 2 Selecting Efficiently In Excel 14

CHAPTER 3 Formulas, Functions, Relative and Absolute Addressing 19

CHAPTER 4 Naming Cells and Ranges 28

CHAPTER 5 Excel Charts 38

PART TWO IF Functions and Text Manipulations 63

CHAPTER 6 IF Functions 65

CHAPTER 7 Text Manipulation 72

PART THREE Statistical Tools 83

CHAPTER 8 Descriptive Statistics 85

CHAPTER 9 Frequency Distributions 90

CHAPTER 10 Statistical Regression 100

CHAPTER 11 Data Analysis—The Excel Easy to Use Statistics Add-in 109

PART FOUR What-if Analysis 119

CHAPTER 12 Naming Cells—for Meaningful Decision Making and Modeling 121

CHAPTER 13 What-if Analysis and Goal Seek 129

CHAPTER 14 Sensitivity Analysis—One- and Two-way Data Tables 136

CHAPTER 15 Using Scroll Bars for Sensitivity Analysis 149

PART FIVE Multi-Page Systems and Lookups 159

CHAPTER 16 Multi-Page Budgets—Going to the Third Dimension 161

CHAPTER 17 Lookup Tables 170

PART SIX The Data Menu and Ribbon 179

CHAPTER 18 Sorting Data 181

CHAPTER 19 AutoFilter 190

CHAPTER 20 Data Forms and Features Eliminated in Excel 2007 198

CHAPTER 21 Group and Outline Data 204

CHAPTER 22 Subtotals 209

CHAPTER 23 Pivot Tables 219

CHAPTER 24 Data Mining Using Pivot Tables 229

PART SEVEN Excel Financial Tools 241

CHAPTER 25 NPV and IRR—Evaluating Capital Investments 243

CHAPTER 26 Unconventional Financial Functions: XNPV and XIRR 249

CHAPTER 27 Frequently Used Financial Functions 253

CHAPTER 28 Amortization Tables 258

CHAPTER 29 Accounting Depreciation Functions 268

PART EIGHT Using the Solver Add-In 271

CHAPTER 30 Beyond the Goal Seek—More than One Changing Cell? Use the Solver 273

CHAPTER 31 The Solver Add-In—Optimizer 282

Index 291