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Nickel Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Methods and Reactions

Nickel Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: Methods and Reactions

Sensuke Ogoshi (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-34407-9

Mar 2020

450 pages


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In the recent years, the field of nickel catalysis in organic synthesis has developed enormously: New reaction types and exciting reaction pathways have been discovered and new applications in organic synthesis are published each month, so that a new reference is truely needed.
Synthesis of nickel complexes useful for catalytic reactions
- Ni(0) complexes
- Ni(II) complexes

Reactions via nickelacycles
- Multi component coupling reaction
- Transformation of aldehydes
- Transformation of imines
- Pauson-Kahnd-type reaction
- Carbon dioxide fixation
- Asymmetric C-C bond formation reaction

Unreactive Bond Activation
- C-H Bond Activation
- C-C Bond Activation
- C-Si Bond Activation
- C-O Bond Activation
- C-Heteroatom (N, S, B) Bond Activation
- C-F Bond Activation

Recent mechanism for Coupling reaction
- Two electrons process vs. One electron process
Photo assisted process

- Recent progress of Ni(III), Ni(IV) Chemistry