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Night and Low-Light Photography Photo Workshop



Night and Low-Light Photography Photo Workshop

Alan Hess

ISBN: 978-1-118-21415-2 November 2011 304 Pages


Finally! A resource that sheds light on the unique challenges of night and low-light photography

With their unique sets of challenges, night and low-light photography are often touted as some of the most difficult and frustrating genres of digital photography. This much-needed guide demystifies any murky topics provides you with all the information you need to know from choosing the right gear and camera settings to how to best edit your photos in post-production. Renowned photographer Alan Hess shares techniques and indispensable tips that he has garnered from years of experience.

Helpful projects and full-color stunning photos in each chapter serve to educate and inspire, while assignments at the end of every chapter encourage you to practice your skills and upload your photos to a website so you can share and receive critiques.

  • Details best practices for taking portraits, landscapes, and action shots in night or low light
  • Features specific coverage of concert photography and low-light event photography
  • Answers the most frequent questions that photographers face while tackling this challenging technique

Packed with invaluable advice and instruction, Night and Low-Light Photography Photo Workshop doesn?t leave you in the dark.

Chapter 1 Night and Low-Light Photography Overview 2

Shooting Challenges 4

Light 8

What Gear Is Important 10

Choosing Your Subjects 15

Chapter 2 All About Light and Exposure 20

Direction and Intensity of Light 22

Measuring the Available Light 25

Exposure Settings 27

Equivalent Exposures 34

Multiple Exposures 36

The Color of Light 40

Chapter 3 What Gear Is Important 46

Understanding the Camera’s Capabilities and Limitations 49

Lenses 51

Flash Units 58

Tripods 61

Monopods 64

Shutter Releases and Remotes 65

Timers 66

Chapter 4 People and Places Indoors 70

Photographing People Indoors 72

Building Interiors 84

chapter 5 Weddings, Concerts, and Other Events 94

Weddings 96

Photographing Concerts and Events 108

At the Fair 120

Chapter 6 Shooting Sports 128

Sports Venue Lighting 130

Freezing the Action 133

Know the Sport 136

Chapter 7 The Nighttime Sky 140

Sunrise and Sunset 142

Shoot the Moon 147

Time-lapse Photography 152

Star Trails 158

Photographing Fireworks 163

chapter 8 City Lights 170

Street Scenes 172

Light Trails 176

Neon 181

Cityscapes 186

Chapter 9 Light Painting 192

Light Painting Basics 194

Lighting Tools 197

Painting with Light 202

Abstract Images 209

Chapter 10 Low-Light Landscapes 214

Photographing Landscapes in Low Light 217

Long Exposures 223

Chapter 11 Digital Postproduction 232

Software Options 234

File Types 235

Noise Reduction 238

Adjusting the White Balance 246

Adjusting for Color and Exposure 252

Glossary 262

Index 270