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Ninth International Conference on Ferrites (ICF-9): Proceedings of the International Conference on Ferrites (ICF-9), San Francisco, California 2004



Ninth International Conference on Ferrites (ICF-9): Proceedings of the International Conference on Ferrites (ICF-9), San Francisco, California 2004

R. F. Soohoo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-574-98218-3 January 2005 Wiley-Blackwell 986 Pages

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This proceedings includes 147 papers covering the latest scientific and technological developments in ferrites and related materials in three broad subject categories: Basic Science, Processing and Applications, and Special Topics and New Horizons. There are two main categories for ferrites: hard ferrites (permanent magnets) and soft ferrites. Topics covered are energy conversion, magnetite biomineralization, microwave ferrites, magneto-optical properties and applications of ferrite films, bonded magnets, physics of electronic superstructures in magnetite, physics of perovskites, nanostructural ferrites, and multilayer chip inductors.

Effect of SiO2 Impurities on the Grain Growth of MnZn-Ferrites (V. Tsakaloudi, T. Passia, V. Zaspalis, R. Guenther, M. Kolenbrander, P. van der Valk)

Low Firing Temperature MnZn-Ferrites with Additions of Zinc Metaborate (V.T. Zaspalis, E. Papazoglou, M. Kolenbrander, R. Guenther, P. van der Valk)

Microwave Hybrid Sintering of Soft Ferrites (J. Driekorn, M. Buryan, S. Leparoux, H. Krause, T. Lampke).

The Effect of NaF on the Magnetic Properties of Barium Hexaferrite Powders (M. Mozaffari, J. Amighian, M. Noorbakhsh, A. Samani).

Nanosize Mn3O4 (Hausmanite) Powder Preparation by Microwave and its Characterization (S.D. Naik, S.K. Apte, R.S. Sonawane, B.B. Kale, N. Pavaskar, B.K. Das).

Substantial Changes in the Production of Ferrite Powders (M.J. Ruthner).


Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of BaFe12-2xMxTixO19(M = Zn,Co) Ferrites Prepared Modified Methods (A. Grusková, M. Papánová, D. Kevická, A. González-Angeles, J.C. Corral-Huacúz, J. Sláma, R. Dosoudil, G. Mendoza-Suárez).

Investigations on Phase Relations of La/Co-Substituted Sr-Hexa-Ferrites (A. Wesselsky, M. Göbbels, S. Schwarzer, J. Töpfer).

Study of Sintering Behavior and Magnetic Characteristics of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrites Using Fine Iron Oxide (Y. Okazaki, T. Kikuchi, S. Gotohm).

Molten Salt Synthesis of up to 100 μM Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 Platelets (S. Hallynck, G. Pourroy, S. Vilminot, P.M. Jacquart, D. Autissier, H. Pascard).

Synthetic Strategies in Obtaining Iron Oxide Spinel Materials Useful as Catalysts and Sensors (K.S. Rane, R. Pednekar, R. Mhalsikar, S. Kureti, H. Langbein).

Preparation and Characterization of Al-Substituted Hematite and Their Tone Color (H. Asaoka, M. Nakanishi, T. Fujii, J. Takada, R. Murakami).

Magnetic Properties of La-Co Substituted M-Type Sr Ferrite Ultra Fine Powders Prepared from the Citrate Precursors (T. Kikuchi, T. Nakamura, M. Nakanishi, T. Fujii, J. Takada, Y. Ikeda, M. Nakamura, M. Miki).

Effect of Anion on Sintering Behavior of Ferrite (T. Aoki, T. Murase, T. Nomura).

Low-Temperature Sintering of Ni-Zn and Mn-Zn Ferrites Using Hot Isostatic Press (S. Ito, K. Nakanishi, M. Ikeda, T. Fujii, K. Fujimoto).

Abnormal Grain Growth in Sr-Ferrite (S. Ito, S. Hino, T. Fujii, K. Fujimoto).

Mixed Alkali Effect and Structure of (K+,Cs+)-β-Ferrite (S. Ito, N. Watanabe, T. Fujii, K. Fujimoto).


Magnetic Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrite Thin Films and Nano-Particles Prepared by Sol-Gel Method (J. Neamtu, G. Georgescu, A.E. Patroi, T. Malaeru, J. Ferré, I. Jitaru).

New Synthesis Route and Magnetic Properties of Sr and Cr Doped Lanthanum Manganite (J. Neamtu, T. Makaeru, A.E. Patroi, G. Georgescu, I. Jitaru).

Magnetic Properties of FeAlN Thin Films with Nano-Sized Particles (Y. Liu, C. Daumont, E. Pavlina, R.E. Miller, C. McConville, X. Wang, K. Mooney, R.W. Gray, J.L. Helfer, P. Lubitz).

190 MeV Ag Ion Beam Irradiation Effect on Structural and Magnetic Properties of NiMn0.05Ti0.2Mg0.2Fe1.55O4 Thin Film (A. Dogra, R. Kumar, V.V. Siva Kumar, N. Kumar, M. Singh).

Preparation and Characterization of Ni-Zn Ferrite Thin Films on Copper Foils for PCB (G. Teichert, B. Schwenke, K. Romankiewicz, V. Breternitz, Ch. Knedlik, H. Romanus).

Magnetic Properties of Nanosized Ferrite Powders Synthesized by Microwave-Hydrothermal Method (Y.B. Khollam, S.R. Dhage, S. Verma, H.S. Potdar, S.B. Deshpande, P.A. Joy, S.K. Date).

High Magnetic Aspects of Nanosized NiZn Ferrite Powders Synthesized by an Autocombustion Method (S. Deka, S.K. Date, P.A. Joy).

Surface Modification and Magnetism in CO-Implanted BSTO/Barium Hexaferrite Composite Films (R. Hajndl, S. Srinath, H. Srikanth).

Ferromagnetic Relaxation Studies in LPE-Grown Eu-Ga Substituted Iron Garnet Thin Films (L.N. Singh).

Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies on RF Sputtered Copper Ferrite Thin Films (P.D. Kulkarni, S. Prasad, I. Samajdar, N. Venkataramani, R. Krishnan).

CoZrNb/Fe-C Discontinuous Multilayer Films for GHz Applications (K.-K. Choi, T. Murase, Y. Fujikawa, Y. Kitamoto, Y. Yamazaki).

Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4 Expitaxial Thin Films on TiN (M. Gomi, T. Suzuki).

Electron Diffraction Study of Pulsed Laser Deposited Thin Films Using a YIG Target (N. Kumar, D.S. Misra, S. Prasad, I. Samajdar, N. Venkataramani, R. Krishnan).

Effect of Annealing on the Transport Process in Manganite Thin Films (T. Taniyama, K. Hamaya, Y. Yamazaki).

Processing and Dielectric Properties of Spin-Deposited Nanocrystalline Nickel-Zinc Ferrite Thin Films by Citrate-Route (N. Gupta, A. Verma, S.C. Kashyap, D.C. Dube).

The High Field Magnetization in the RF Sputter Deposited Copper Ferrite Thin Films (P.D. Kulkarni, S. Prasad, N. Venkataramani, R. Krishnan, W. Pang, A. Guha, R.C. Woodward, R.L. Stamps).

Preparation and Characterization of α-Fe2O3/FeTiO3 Multi-Layered Films (T. Fujii, Y. Takada, M. Nakanishi, J. Takada).

Preparation of Magneto-Electric Oxides/YBa2Cu3Ox Thin Films (N. Iwata, N. Ootsuka, H. Yamamoto).

Soft Magnetic Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrite Thin Film Prepared by Two-Steps Annealing Method (K. Kakizaki, Y. Tsukada, K. Kamishima, N. Hiratsuka).

Exotic Thin Films Made From Cobalt Ferrite (A. Lisfi, C.M. Williams, L.T. Nguyen, J.C. Lodder, H. Corcoran, A. Johnson, P. Chang, W. Morgan).

CoFe2/CoFe2O4 Multilayers Deposited by Pulsed Laser Ablation: A Study of the Magnetic Coupling Behaviours (G. Pourroy, N. Viart).


Processing Requirements for High End Mn-Zn Ferrites (R. Lucke, M. Esguerra, J. Wrba).

Microstructure, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of High Permeability MnZn Ferrite with Bi2O3 Additions (O.F. Caltun, M. Feder, V. Vilceanu).

Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure Control During Sintering on the Power Loss in Mn-Zn Ferrites (J. Töpfer, S. Gablenz, P. Nauber).

Barium Hexaferrites as Microwave Absorbents (D. Autissier, L. Longuet, H. Pascard).

An Attempt to Develop Ferrite Cores for High Frequency Transformers with an Approach of Simultaneous Dilutions (A.D.P. Rao, V.V.H. Babu, S.B. Raju).

Iron Defect Effect of Dynamic Magneto-Elastic Properties of Spinel Ferrites (V. Grimal, M. Gervais, D. Autissier, H. Pascard, L. Longuet).

Cation Distribution in Co2Z-Type Hexagonal Barium Ferrite Ba3Co2Fe24O41 by XAFS and AXS (Y. Takada, H. Nitani, M. Yuya, T. Nakagawa, T.A. Yamamoto, T. Tachibana, T. Shimada, S. Emura).

A High Saturation Ferrite Material for DC-Bias Applications (D. Chen, J. Chen, Y.-H. Tsao, T.-H. Yu).

Magnetic Properties of High Bs MnZn Ferrites (K. Takagawa, E. Fukuchi, T. Murase).

Effect of Additive-Impurity Interaction on the Magnetic Properties of Soft Ferrites (G. Alabedi, A.H. Qureshi, F.R. Sale).

The Effect of Additions on the Power-Loss Characteristics of Mn-Zn Ferrites for High-Frequency Applications (A. Znidarsic, M. Drofenik, D. Makovec).

Development of Mn-Zn Ferrites with High Bs at High Temperature (S. Noguchi, M. Takahashi, S. Murakami, S. Takano).

Effect of Additives on Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Z-Type Hexagonal Ferrite (T. Katoh, S. Murakami, S. Takano, N. Koyuhara).


The Effect of Substituting Rare Earth on M-Type Hard Magnetic Ferrites (R. Grössinger, M. Küpferling, M.W. Pieper, M. Müller, J.F. Wang, R. Harris).

Influence of a Mechanical Stress on Ferrite Materials for Broadband Applications (H. Meuche, A.H. Nguyen, D. Lange, M. Esguerra).

Relation Between Magnetic Anisotropy and the Co2+ Crystal Cell Position in the La-Co Substituted Hexaferrite (A. Morel, P. Tenaud, F. Kools, J.M. Le Breton).

Comparative Study of Tetravalent and Pentavalent Ions Influence on Transpose Properties of Copper Ferrite (A.D.P. Rao, G. Himavathi, S.B. Raju).

Fabrication of High Density Strontium Ferrites (A. Hosseinpour, S. Javadpour).

Magneto-Elastic Effects in Spinel Ferrites (V. Grimal, D. Autissier, L. Longuet, M. Ledieu, H. Pascard).

Effect of Indium Substitution on the Properties of Ni-Zn and Ni-Zn-Ti Ferrites (K.H. Rao, B.P. Rao, K. Asokan, O.F. Caltun).

Effects of Off-Stoichiometry on Perovskite Manganite LaMnxO3 (T. Nishikawa, T. Tanaka).

Effect of Substitution of Metal Ions at Mn-Site in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3: The Major Role of Charge, Spin, Ionic Radii and Lattice Parameter (M.S. Sahasrabudhe, R.N. Bathe, S.N. Sadakale, S.I. Patil, S.K. Date, S.B. Ogale).

Temperature Dependence of the Damping Parameter for a Vibrating Magnetic Domain Wall Under AC Fields (M.M. Martinez-Mondragón, L.F. Magaña).

Correlated Polarons and Phase Transitions in Magnetite and Manganites (C.M. Srivastava).

Recent News on GUFP and the Finding of the Linear Asymmetric Order of the Linear Antiphase Boundary in Fe3O4 with the Idea of the New Nanometer Mass Memory by New Iron-Group Oxides (S. Iida).


The Anisotropy Constant and Anisotropy Field of CO-Ni Spinel Ferrite Fine Particles with High Coercivity Prepared by the Chemical Coprecipitation Method (H. Yamamoto, H. Nishio, N. Yoshida).

Charge Transfer-Originated Faraday Rotation in Ru4+-Substituted Magnetic Garnets (A. Takeuchi, E. Tobita, K. Shinagawa, K. Ando).

Ultra High Sensitivity INSB Micro-Hall Biosensor System for High Speed Bioscreening Applications (H. Sanbonsugi, M. Abe, A. Sandhu, H. Handa).

Influence of Chemical Conditions in Fabrication of Bi-YIG Precursor on Morphological and Magneto-Optical Response of its Particulate Film (C.S. Kuroda, K. Uchida, F. Ikazaki, T. Taniyama, Y. Kitamoto, Y. Yamazaki).

Interparticle Interactions and Preisach Diagrams in Ferrite Particulate Media (G. Bottoni, D. Candolfo, A. Cecchitti).

Magnetization Reversal Process of Strontium Ferrite Dot Arrays (X. Liu, A. Morisako, M. Matsumoto).

Crystallographic and Magnetic Properties of Barium Ferrite Thin Films on Various Underlayers (N.N. Shams, H.B. Mohammad, X. Liu, M. Matsumoto, A. Morisako).

Polymer Coating of Ferrite Nanoparticles by Using "Connecter" Chemical Compounds (S. Tsubouchi, K. Nishio, M. Ikeda, H. Narimatsu, M. Hatakeyama, N. Gokon, H. Handa).


Practical Methods to Reduce the Cogging Torque in Small DC Motors for Automotive Applications (S. Brassard, P. Tenaud, J. Breuzin, A. Morel).

High Permeability Ferrite Materials with Enhanced Capabilities for Automotive Applications (D. Lange, B. Michaud, M. Esguerra).

Preparation of Hydrotalcite-Magnetite Composite (T. Takeda, J. Chiba, H. Tamura, S. Kikkawa).

Dry-Cell Batteries to MnZn Ferrite Application of Materials Recycled from Disporsable (R. Hanamura, M. Inagaki, S. Yabe, S. Omori, Y. Matsuo).

Novel Design of Multi-Mode Interference Mach Zehnder Interferometric Integrated Optical Isolator with Unidirectional Magnetic Field (J.S. Yang, H. Yokoi, T. Mizumoto).

Ceramic Composites for EMI Suppression in UHF Frequency Range (A. Znidarsic, V.B. Bregar, D. Lisjak, M. Drofenik).

Controlling Radiated Emissions with Discrete Absorbers (B. Bidwell, H. Paris, B. Matlin).

Easy Model to Design Ferrite Wide Band Transformers for Signal Processing (D.J. Huisman).

Novel Ferrite Cores with Uniquely High Permeability, Resistant to Stress and Temperature (W. Cai).


Recent Topics of Multilayer Ferrite Chip Components (T. Nomura, T. Aoki, A. Nakano, T. Murase).

Development of Mass Production Technology for Large Sized Mn-Zn Ferrite Single Crystals (S. Nagata, Y. Tachi, M. Mastusita, S. Matusaki, Y. Fukuda, K. Echizenya).

Planar Integrated Power Magnetics (G. Bloom).

Sm-(Fe,Mn)-N Magnet Material Made by Reduction and Diffusion Method (T. Ishikawa, K. Yokosawa, K. Watanabe, K. Ohmori, T. Iseki).

Development of High Performance Fe-B/Nd2Fe14B Based Nanocomposite Hard Magnet for Strip Casting Process (T. Miyoshi, H. Kanekiyo, S. Hirosawa).


Effect of Ni-Stearate Addition on Magnetic Properties of Anisotropic SrFe2-W Type Ferrite Magnets (M. Ohmura, S. Kanai, H. Yamamoto).

Downsizing of Transformer Built into Flyback Mode Power Supply Using a New Low Loss Mn-Zn Ferrite with High Saturation Flux Density (N. Soga, K. Nishizawa, Y. Fukuda, A. Fujita, S. Gotoh, S. Nakashima, J. Togawa).

Magnetization and Magnetocrystalling Anisotropy of LaFe12O19 Hexaferrite (M. Küpferling, R. Grössinger, V. Corral-Flores, J. Matutes-Aquino).

Loss Mechanisms in Modern MnZn-Ferrites for Power Applications (V.T. Zaspalis, M. Kolenbrander, R. Guenther, P. van der Valk).

Effects of Ni Substitution in SrZn2W-Type Ferrite with Fine Microstructure (Y. Minachi, N. Ito).

Intrinsic and Magnet Properties of La-Co Substituted M-Type Hexaferrites (J.M. LeBreton, L. Lechevallier, A. Morel, P. Tenaud, F. Kools).

Complex Permeability and Power Loss of In Substituted Ni-Zn Ferrites (B.P. Rao, K.H. Rao, H. Saotome).

Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Divalent Cu/Co Doped Ni-Zn Ferrites (B.P. Rao, K.H. Rao, S.P. Setty, P.S.V.S. Rao).

Magnetic Interactions in Sr Ferrite-MQP Hybrid Bonded Magnets (D. Bueno-Bacqués, D.R. Cornejo, E. Padrón-Hernández, P.S. Gallardo, O. Rodriguez-Fernández, J.A. Matutes-Aquino).

Effect of Low Molecular Weight Dispersant on Orientation and Density of Fe2W Ferrite (S. Kurasawa, K. Masuzawa, Y. Minachi, T. Murase).


Microwave Absorbers Properties of Z-Type Barium Hexaferrites (M.S. Pinho, R. da Costa Lima, M.L. Gregori, V. da Rocha Caffarena, T. Ogasawara).

Demagnetizing Effects on the Microwave Permeability of Ni-Zn Ferrites (P.-M. Jacquart, N. Vukadinovic, L. Longuet, D. Autissier, H. Pascard, G. Pourroy, S. Vilminot).

Magnetic Disaccommodation in Barium Hexagonal Ferrites with U-Type Stoichiometry (P. Hernández-Gómez, D. Lisjak).

Low Temperature Sintering of Hexagonal Ferrites for Ultrahigh Frequency Uses (O. Kimura, K. Shoji, M. Matsumoto, M. Sakakura, H. Maiwa).

Microwave Absorbing Properties of Chemically Prepared Ba3Co1.2Zn0.4Cu0.4Fe24O41 Nanopowder (V. da Rocha Caffarena, T. Ogasawara, J.L. Capitaneo, M.S. Pinho, M.L. Gregori).

Complex Permeability of Permalloy Composite Materials under DC Magnetic Field (T. Kasagi, T. Tsutaoka, K. Hatakeyama).

GHz Conducted Noise Suppression by NiZn Ferrite Films Plated onto Polyimide Sheets (K. Kondo, T. Chiba, H. Ono, S. Yoshida, Y. Shimada, N. Matsushita, M. Abe).

The Preparation of Single-Domain Barium Hexaferrites Using Coprecipitation in Ethanol (D. Lisjak, M. Drofenik).

Accurate Electromagnetic Modeling of Nonlinear Wave Interactions in Ferrite Loaded Strip-Slot Waveguiding Structures (G.S. Makeeva, O.A. Golovanov).

Millimeter-Wave Characteristics of Anisotropic Hexagonal Ferrites (M.N. Afsar, K.M. Lee, M. Zucker, Y. Wang, K. Kocharyan).

An Approach to Develop Suitable Composition of Mg-Mn Ferrite with High Valence Cations (A.D.P. Rao, P. Sridevi, D.V. Lakshmi, S.B. Raju).

Influence of the Method of Particles Orientation on the Microwave Properties of M-Type Hexaferrites (L. Longuet, D. Autissier, P. Vissie, C. Delafosse-Brard, N. Dechambre, H. Pascard).

A Study on Effects of Nonuniform Bias Magnetic Field of Microstrip Lines using Ferrite Substrates (K. Okubo, M. Tsutsumi).

Surface Modification with Si-Ca Species and Microwave Densification for Ni-Zn Ferrite (Y.-J. Yang, C.-I. Sheu, S.-Y. Cheng, H.-Y. Chang).

Low Sintering Temperature Y-Type Hexagonal Ferrite with High Permeability and High Q Value (H. Umeda, T. Murase, T. Nomura).

UHF Frequency Selective Limiter with GaScYIG Films (J.D. Adam).

Off Resonance Relaxation of Uniform Precession Mode in Microwave Ferrites (U. Hoeppe).

Limited Porosity Induced Spin-Wave Linewidth in Microwave Ferrites (U. Hoeppe).

High Frequency Characteristics of Rare-Earth Elements Substituted CO2-Z Ferrite (N. Hiratsuka, H. Sawada, K. Kakizaki, K. Kamishima, O.H. Kwon).

Conducted Noise Suppression in GHZ Range by Composite Sheets and Ferrite-Plated Films (N. Matsushita, M. Abe, K. Kondo, H. Ono, S. Yoshida).

New Ferrimagnetic Garnets with Low Sintering Temperature for Microwave Applications (L. Pinier, R. Lebourgeois, M. Pate, J.-P. Ganne, H. Pascard).

High Peak Power Differential Phase Shift Circulator (R. Ramer, A. Ioachim, G. Banciu, M. Toacsen).

Preparation and Magnetic Property of Y-Type Hexagonal Ferrites Films (K. Komatsu, M. Nakanishi, T. Fujii, J. Takada).

Horizontal Size Reduction of Circulator Utilizing Wavelength Shortening Effect (K. Oshiro, S. Yamamoto, H. Kurisu, M. Matsuura, H. Mikami, S. Fujii, S. Murakami).

Design of Extremely Low-Height Y-Junction Isolator (K. Oshiro, S. Yamamoto, K. Shitamitsu, H. Kurisu, M. Matsuura, H. Mikami, S. Fujii, S. Murakami).

Metal-Oxide Type Nano-Granular Soft Magnetic Films and Their Noise Suppression Effects at GHz Frequencies (S. Ohnuma, T. Iwasa, H. Fujimori, T. Masumoto, H. Nagura, M. Yamaguchi).

High-Resistivity Soft Magnetic Thin Films Using CoxFeMsub>100-x Metal/Native Oxide Multilayers (G.S.D. Beach, D.J. Smith, F.T. Parker, A.E. Berkowitz).

Improvement of High Frequency Properties of Nickel-Zinc-Copper Ferrites (R. Lebourgeois, J.-P. Ganne, G. Peyresoubes, W. Rebernak).

Frequency Behavior Study of Magnetoelectric Nanomaterials for the Realization of Low-Cost Microwave Devices (P Quéffélec, C. Brosseau).

The Domain Wall Frequency Response of Ferrites (M. Herrera, H. Montiel, R. Valenzuela).


Mechanosynthesized Mn-Zn Ferrites (T. Verdier, M. Jean, V. Nivoix, G. Tauvel, B. Hannoyer).

The Preparation of Ba Hexaferrite Nanoparticles in Water-CTAB-Hexanol Microemulsions (D. Makovec, M. Drofenik).

Effect of Zn2+ Substitution on the Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline CoFe2O4 (S. Dey, J. Ghose, J. Ding, Q. Chen).

Synthesis and Characterization of Cubic Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles (R.T. Olsson, M.S. Hedenqvist, U.W. Gedde, G. Salazar-Alvarez, M. Muhammed, S.J. Savage).

Effect of Capping on the Magnetization of Nanocrystalline-Fe2O3 (K.S.K. Varadwaj, J. Ghose).

Surface Structure Model of Cuboctahedrally Truncated Ferrite Nanoparticles (R. Swaminathan, M.E. McHenry, S. Calvin, M. Sorescu, L. Diamandescu).

Synthesis of Nano-Size Mn-Ferrite and Mn-Zn-Ferrite and Their Characterization (K.G. Kanade, A.V. Murugan, R.S. Sonawane, D.P. Amalnerkar, B.B. Kale, B.K. Das).

Magnetic Properties of Nanoscale Rare-Earth Garnets (RIG) R=Dy, Tb Ground Particles Near the Compensation Temperature (A.H. Morrish, Z.W. Li).

Structural, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Spinel Ferrite Nanoparticles (A. Narayanasamy, B. Jeyadevan, C.N. Chinnasamy, N. Ponpandian, J.-M. Greneche).


Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Ba3Co1.3Zn0.4Fe24O41 Z-Type Hexaferrite by Citrate Precursor Method (V. da Rocha Caffarena, M.S. Pinho, M.L. Gregori, T. Ogasawara, J.L. Capitaneo).

Preparation of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrites for Low-Temperature Firing by Conventional and Chemical Routes (J. Töpfer, J. Mürbe).

A Left-Handed Material Combined YIG and Thin Metal Wire Array (T. Tsutaoka, M. Hirashiba, T. Kasagi, K. Hatakeyama, K. Fujimoto).

Nanodispersive Powder of Manganese Zinc Ferrite Granulate Prepared with Different Preparation Methods (J. Rossel, R. Dreyer, U. Sicker, S. Lindig).

Synthesis of Hexagonal Ferrite Nanoparticles by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis (Y. Takada, T. Nishio, T. Nakagawa, T.A. Yamamoto, M. Adachi).

Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4/Ni-Ferrite Core-Shell Nano-Particles (C.C. Yu, W.S. Ko, M.J. Tung).

Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Polycrystalline Co-Doped ZnO (S. Deka, S.K. Date, P.A. Joy).

Isopar Based Magnetite-Cobalt Ferrite Magnetic Fluids (O. Ayala-Valenzuela, J.A. Matutes-Aquino, R. Betancourt-Galindo, O. Rodriguez-Fernández).

The Electromagnetic Property of Fe/Nanoferrite Coated by the Agar Precursor Method (T.-Y. Liu, M.-J. Tung).

Fabrication of 100-nm-Dimension [Co-Fe/Al-O/Fe3O4] Pillars by Dual Ion Beam Sputtering at Room Temperature Using Electron Beam Lithography (Y. Miyamoto, H. Shiino, K. Kuga).

Combining Perovskite and Spinel Oxides for Spintronics (M. Bibes, U. Lüders, A. Barthélémy, K. Bouzehouane, J.L. Maurice, J.F. Bobo, J. Fontcuberta).

Determination of Anti-Phase Domain Size (W. Eerenstein, T. Hibma, S. Celotto).

Magnetism of Dilute Ferromagnetic Oxides (M. Venkatesan, J.M.D. Coey).