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Noble Metal-Based Nanocomposites

Noble Metal-Based Nanocomposites

Jun Yang, Hui Liu

ISBN: 978-3-527-81431-2

Oct 2019

352 pages


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This book summarizes the solution-based methods for the preparation of noble metal-based composite nanomaterials, their characterization and potential applications in electrocatalysis. Besides the discussion on the intrinsic relationship between the catalytic properties and the physical /chemical effects in the composite materials, regarding to the creation of great opportunities and tremendous challenges due to the accumulation in nanocomposites, in the final section of this book, it makes some perspectives for the future development of the metal-based composite nanomaterials. This book not only provides the readers a systematic and coherent picture of this field, but also inspires rethinking of the current processing technologies: to move towards molecular-level control and regulation; and away from the ?top-down? approach and the stringent and expensive control inherent in conventional manufacturing processes.
Phase Transfer Protocols for Metal Ions and Nanoparticles
General Synthetic Approach for Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Nanocomposites Consisting of Gold and Semiconductors
Nanocomposites Consisting of Silver Sulfide and Noble Metals
Cadmium Selenide-Platinum Nanocomposites with a Core-Shell Structure
Nanocomposites of Ag2S and Noble Metals with Controlled Nanostrcutures
Nanocomposites for Application in Membraneless Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Palladium-Based Nanocomposites and their Electrocatalytic Applications
Nanocomposites of Metal Oxides and Noble Metals and their Application in Environmental Remediation
Nanocomposite-Related Scientific Issues
Conclusion and Perspectives