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Noise Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Circuits



Noise Theory of Linear and Nonlinear Circuits

J. Engberg, T. Larsen

ISBN: 978-0-471-94825-4 August 1995 308 Pages


Noise theory is continuing to gain momentum as a leading topic.Developments in the field are proving increasingly important to theelectronics engineer or researcher specialising in communicationsand microwave engineering. This text provides a comprehensiveoverview of noise theory in linear and nonlinear circuits andserves as a practical guide for engineers designing circuits wherenoise is a significant factor. Features include:
* A practical approach to the design of noise circuits

* Graphical representations of noise quantities

* Definition of all noise quantities for both active and passivecircuits

* Formulae for the conversion of different sets of noiseparameters

* Equations derived for the overall noise parameters of embeddednoisy networks

* Determination of Volterra transfer functions of nonlinearmulti-port networks containing multi-dimensionalnonlinearities

* Analysis of noise theory in nonlinear networks based on themulti-port Volterra-series approach
Presenting material currently only available in the primaryliterature, this book serves as an invaluable reference source foradvanced students, academics and researchers in the fields ofelectronics and microwave engineering. The comprehensive coveragewill also appeal to communications and microwave engineers inindustry.

Some Milestones in the Development of Noise Theory.

Noise in One-Ports.

Noise Characteristics of Multi-Ports.

Noise Parameters.

Noise Measure and Graphic Representations.

Noise of Embedded Networks.


Noise in Non-Linear Systems: Theory.

Noise in Non-Linear Systems: Examples and Conclusion.

Multi-Port Volterra Transfer Functions.