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Non-diffracting Waves



Non-diffracting Waves

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This continuation and extension of the successful book "Localized Waves" by the same editors brings together leading researchers in non-diffractive waves to cover the most important results in their field and as such is the first to present the current state.
The well-balanced presentation of theory and experiments guides readers through the background of different types of non-diffractive waves, their generation, propagation, and possible applications. The authors include a historical account of the development of the field, and cover different types of non-diffractive waves, including Airy waves and realistic, finite-energy solutions suitable for experimental realization. Apart from basic research, the concepts explained here have promising applications in a wide range of technologies, from wireless communication to acoustics and bio-medical imaging.
1. An overview on nondiffracting wave theory and some recent developments (Erasmo Recami)
2. Localized Waves: Historical and Personal Perspectives (Richard W. Ziolkowski)
3. Optical Airy beams and bullets (Demetrios Christodoulides)
4. Applications of nondiffracting beams in trapping and microscopy (Kishan Dholakia)
5. X-type waves in ultrafast optics (Peeter Saari)
6. Limited-diffraction beams for high frame rate imaging (Jian-yu Lu)
7. Spatiotemporally localized null electromagnetic waves (Ioannis Besieris, Amr M. Shaarawi)
8. Linearly traveling and accelerating localized wave solutions to the Schrödinger equation (Ioannis Besieris, Amr M. Shaarawi, Richard W. Ziolkowski)
9. Rogue-wave-like statistics in formation of nonlinear X-waves (Gintaras Valiulis, Daniele Faccio, Audrius Dubietis)
10. Quantum X-waves with applications in nonlinear optics (Claudio Conti)
11. TE and TM localized beams (Pierre Hillion)
12. Quantum nondiffracting pulses: spatio-temporal localization of single photons (Martin Bock, Ruediger Grunwald)
13. Adaptive shaping of localized wavepackets for applications in ultrashort pulse diagnostics (Martin Bock, Susanta Kumar Das, Carsten Fischer, Michael Diehl, P. Boerner, Ruediger Grunwald)
14. Localized waves emanated by pulsed sources: the Riemann-Volterra approach (Andrei Utkin)
15. Propagation-invariant optical beams and pulses (Kimmo Saastamoinen, Ari Friberg, Jari Turunen)
16. Diffractionless nano-beams produced by multiple-waveguide metallic nanostructures (Mátyás Mechler, Szergej Kukhlevsky)
17. Low-cost Radiation of Real-Time Localized Beams by X Wave-based Driving of Ultrasonic Arrays (Antonio Ramos, Luis Castellanos, Héctor Calás)
18. Localized beams and localized pulses: Generation using the angular spectrum (Colin Sheppard)
19. Lossy light bullets (Miguel A. Porras)
20. Paraxial approximate and Bateman-type exact localized solutions (Aleksei Kiselev)
21. Super-resolving pupils (Anedio Ranfagni and Daniela Mugnai)
22. Experimental generation of Frozen Waves in Optics: Control of Longitudinal and Transverse Shape of Optical Nondiffracting Waves (Tárcio A. Vieira, Marcos R. Gesualdi, Michel Zamboni-Rached)
23. Airy Shaped Waves (C.Dartora, K.Z.Nobrega, Michel Zamboni-Rached)
24. Solitons and ultra-short optical waves (Nathan Kutz)