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Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Gene F. Mazenko

ISBN: 978-3-527-40648-7

Dec 2006

492 pages

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The present text offers a graduate level treatment of time dependent phenomena in condensed matter physics. Conventional ideas of linear response theory and kinetic theory are treated in detail. The general emphasis, however, in on the development of generalized Langevin equations for treating nonlinear behaviour in a wide variety of systems. A full treatment is given for the underpinnings of hydrodynamics for fluids.

This is the third volume of a four volume set of texts by the same author, two of which have already been published ("Fluctuations, Order, and Defects" 0-471-32840-5, "Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics" 0-471-32839-1). While the preceding volume contains material that is a prerequisite for fully understanding the material presented here, this volume is self-contained and can stand alone from the preceding volume.

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1. Systems Out of Equilibrium
2. Time Dependent Phenomena in Condensed Matter Systems:
Relationship of Theory and Experiment
3. General Properties of Time-Correlation Functions
4. Electrical Transport in Condensed Matter Systems
5. Linearized Langevin and Hydrodynamical Description of Time Correlation Functions
6. Hydrodynamic Spectrum of Normal Fluids
7. Kinetic Theory
8. Critical Phenomena and Broken Symmetry
9. Non-Linear Models
10. Unstable Growth
11. Perturbation Theory and the Dynamic Renormalization Group
"…the presentation is very good…recommended." (CHOICE, June 2007)

"…a definitive reference point on this key component to the underpinnings of the physical sciences." (Electric Review, May 2007)