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Nonlinear, Parametric and Rotordynamic Vibrations

Nonlinear, Parametric and Rotordynamic Vibrations

Alan Palazzolo

ISBN: 978-1-119-31956-6

Jun 2020

550 pages

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This textbook provides sufficient breadth and depth to not only explain terminology but to supply the analytical and computational tools needed to analyze/design/troubleshoot related engineering problems. As shown in the attached table of contents, the book begins by introducing and providing the required math and computer skills for understanding and simulating nonlinear vibration problems. Embedded in this development is a thorough treatment of parametric vibrations which is of key standalone importance and also provides analytical tools for determining the stability of co-existing solution for the nonlinear forced vibration case.  The treatment of nonlinear vibrations ranges from the classical treatment of natural frequencies and limit cycles through chaos, plus will include 2 key application areas:  wing/blade flutter and machine tool chatter.

This text also covers in depth analytical and computational treatment of major topics in rotordynamics including fluid film bearings, liquid annular seals and flexible shaft vibrations. Background materials in finite elements will be included to provide the enabling skills for these major topics. The shaft modelling development will of course include 3D Timeshenko beam elements along with advanced 2D axisymmetric  planar element with non-axisymmetric deformation capability. Rotordynamic applications with nonlinear vibrations will be treated in considerable detail, including, impact/rub, floating ring bearings for turbochargers, squeeze film dampers, ball bearings with race out of roundness included, gear parametric vibration, etc.

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