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Nonlinear Dynamics in Astronomy and Physics: In Memory of Henry Kandrup, Volume 1045

Nonlinear Dynamics in Astronomy and Physics: In Memory of Henry Kandrup, Volume 1045

Stephen T. Gottesman (Editor), J.-R. Buchler (Editor), M. E. Mahon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-573-31591-3

Jun 2005, Wiley-Blackwell

336 pages

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This volume, the proceedings of the 16th Florida Workshop in Nonlinear Astronomy and Physics, emphasizes the cross-disciplinary nature of much current research in astronomy and physics in the area of dynamics. Developments in one field can advance more quickly when information is available regarding parallel developments in other fields. This occurs not only by the exchange of methods and techniques, but also from conceptual refinements resulting from different perspectives on similar problems.

Contributors to this volume include theorists and experimentalists from the fields of nonlinear dynamics, mathematics, galactic dynamics and structure, dark matter, plasma physics, accelerator beams, and statistical mechanics. Dynamical problems on all astrophysical scales are discussed from those of the sun and the solar system to cosmology.

This is a particularly appropriate time to look at this subject because observations have provided compelling evidence that many galaxies are genuinely three-dimensional; that is, they are neither spherical nor axisymmetric, they typically have a central density cusp, and the center of the galaxy often contains a super massive black hole. Furthermore, the Hubble Space Telescope has produced exciting data about the spatial and temporal structure of cosmological space-time and especially about the epoch of galaxy formation.

The meeting and the volume are dedicated to the memory of Professor Henry E. Kandrup, whose work was centered on stochastic problems in stellar dynamics.

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Preface. (S T. Gottesman, J-R Buchler, and M E. Mahon).

1. In Memory of Henry Emil Kandrup. (James R. Ipser).

2. Henry Kandrup's Ideas About Relaxation of Stellar Systems. (David Merritt).

3. Chaotic Collisionless Evolution in Galaxies and Charged-Particle Beams. (Henry E. Kandrup, Courtlandt L. Bohn, Rami A. Kishek, Patrick G. O'shea, Martin Reiser, and Ioannis V. Sideris).

4. Chaotic Dynamics in Charged-Particle Beams: Possible Analogs of Galactic Evolution. (Courtlandt L. Bohn).

5. The University of Maryland Electron Ring: A Platform For Study of Galactic Dynamics on a Laboratory Scale. (R A. Kishek, P G. O'shea, S Bernal, I Haber, J R. Harris, Y Huo, H Li, and M Reiser).

6. Wavelet-Based Poisson Solver for Use in Particle-in-Cell Simulations. (Balsa Terzic and Ilya V. Pogorelov).

7. Energy Trapping in Loaded String Models with Long- and Short-Range Couplings. (Ilya V. Pogorelov and Henry E. Kandrup).

8. Characterization of Chaos: A New, Fast, and Effective Measure. (Ioannis V. Sideris).

9. Hard Sphere Dynamics for Normal and Granular Fluids. (James W. Dufty and Aparna Baskaran).

10. Nonlinear Stability of Newtonian Galaxies and Stars from a Mathematical Perspective. (Gerhard Rein).

11. Chaos in Orbits Due to Disk Crossings. (C Hunter).

12. Systems with Escapes. (G Contopoulos and M Harsoula).

13. On Bars and Haloes: Their Interaction and Their Orbital Structure. (E Athanassoula).

14. The Basic Dynamical Mechanism in Spiral Galaxies. (Daniel Pfenniger and Yves Revaz).

15. The Two Pattern Speeds of NGC 335. (Veera Boonyasait, P A Patsis, and S T Gottesman).

16. Evolution of Binary Supermassive Black Holes via Chain Regularization. (Andras Szell, David Merritt, and Seppo Mikkola).

17. Gravitomagnetic Field and Penrose Scattering Processes. (Reva Kay Williams).

18. Self-Gravity Driven Instabilities at Accelerated Interfaces. (Robert M. Hueckstaedt, James H. Hunter, Jr., and Richard V.E. Lovelace).

19. Dynamics of Intracluster Gas and Bulk Motions in Clusters. (Renato Dupke).

20. Resonance Bands and Binary-Star Formation. (Norman R. Lebovitz).

21. The Symplectic Group and Classical Mechanics. (Alex J. Dragt).

22. Chaos and Quantum Mechanics. (Salman Habib, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Benjamin Greenbaum, Kurt Jacobs, Kosuke Shizume, and Bala Sundaram).

Afterword. (Chris Hunter).

aindex of Contributors.