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Nonlinear Laser Dynamics: From Quantum Dots to Cryptography

Nonlinear Laser Dynamics: From Quantum Dots to Cryptography

Kathy Lüdge (Editor), Heinz Georg Schuster (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-63982-3 January 2012 408 Pages


A distinctive discussion of the nonlinear dynamical phenomena of semiconductor lasers.

The book combines recent results of quantum dot laser modeling with mathematical details and an analytic understanding of nonlinear phenomena in semiconductor lasers and points out possible applications of lasers in cryptography and chaos control. This interdisciplinary approach makes it a unique and powerful source of knowledge for anyone intending to contribute to this field of research.

By presenting both experimental and theoretical results, the distinguished authors consider solitary lasers with nano-structured material, as well as integrated devices with complex feedback sections. In so doing, they address such topics as the bifurcation theory of systems with time delay, analysis of chaotic dynamics, and the modeling of quantum transport. They also address chaos-based cryptography as an example of the technical application of highly nonlinear laser systems.

Part I Nanostructured Devices
Modeling Quantum-Dot-Based Devices
Kathy Lüdge
Exploiting Noise and Polarization Bistability in Vertical-Cavity
Surface-Emitting Lasers for Fast Pulse Generation and Logic Operations
J. Zamora-Munt and Cristina Masoller
Mode Competition Driving Laser Nonlinear Dynamics
Marc Sciamanna
Quantum Cascade Laser: An Emerging Technology
Andreas Wacker
Controlling Charge Domain Dynamics in Superlattices
M. T. Greenaway, Alexander G. Balanov, E. Schöll, and T.M. Fromhold
Bifurcation Study of a Semiconductor Laser with Saturable Absorberand Delayed Optical Feedback
Bernd Krauskopf and Jamie J. Walker
Modeling of Passively Mode-Locked Semiconductor Lasers
Andrei G. Vladimirov, Dmitrii Rachinskii, and Matthias Wolfrum
Dynamical and Synchronization Properties of Delay-Coupled
C.M. Gonzalez, M.C. Soriano, M.C. Torrent, J. Garcia-Ojalvo, and Ingo Fischer
Complex Networks Based on Coupled Two-Mode Lasers
Andreas Amann
Part III Synchronization and Cryptography
Noise Synchronization and Stochastic Bifurcations in Lasers
Sebastian M. Wieczorek
Emergence of One- and Two-Cluster States in Populations of Globally Pulse-Coupled Oscillators
Leonhard Lücken and Serhiy Yanchuk
Broadband Chaos
Kristine E. Callan, Lucas Illing, and Daniel J. Gauthier
Synchronization of Chaotic Networks and Secure Communication
Ido Kanter and Wolfgang Kinzel
Desultory Dynamics in Diode-Lasers: Drift, Diffusion, and Delay
K. Alan Shore