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Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks

Nonlinear Optical Communication Networks

Eugenio Iannone, Francesco Matera, Antonio Mecozzi, Marina Settembre

ISBN: 978-0-471-15270-5

Mar 1998

472 pages

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What telecommunications professionals need to know about nonlinear optical communication systems

This book responds to the need for a coherent approach to nonlinear optical communication systems. It gives telecommunications researchers and engineers a handle on the unique problems presented by the proliferation of optical technologies in telecommunications in recent years and provides problem-solving strategies for various network functions and operations.

The product of a collaborative effort by four well-known researchers in telecommunications transmission systems, this volume covers design basics, network performance, and state-of-the-art system analysis tools and is supplemented with hundreds of illustrations as well as appendices containing the necessary mathematical derivations. It details:
* Design principles of the network transmission layer with optical technologies and fiber nonlinearities in place.
* Performance evaluation for a variety of optical transmission systems operating under nonlinear propagation regimes.
* Local area networks, regional networks, and geographical networks--their potential transmission capacity and possible problems.
* Examples of effective design from the most promising nonlinear optical transmission systems.
* The methodology for design and analysis of a generic system
Optical Fiber Propagation.

Optical Amplifiers.

Optical Transmission Systems.

Soliton Optical Communications.

Repeaterless Systems.

Long Distance TDM Transmission.

WDM Optically Amplified Systems.

Transmission in All-Optical Networks.