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Nonlinear Physics of DNA

Ludmila V. Yakushevich

ISBN: 978-0-471-97824-4 March 1998 218 Pages

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The study of DNA is one of the most important areas of research in modern biochemistry and biology. It is an extremely complex field, and in recent years researchers have found that the application of nonlinear physics methods has led to significant increases in our understanding of the subject. This, the first book on the subject, examines both the experimental and theoretical methods which have been used to study the DNA molecule. Beginning with introductory chapters on DNA structure and dynamics, Nonlinear Physics of DNA goes on to discuss the more advanced recent work. This includes a comparison between linear and nonlinear approaches to the DNA molecule, a chapter devoted to the statistics of nonlinear excitations of DNA, and examples of the interpretation of experimental data on the dynamics of DNA in terms of nonlinear theory. Nonlinear Physics of DNA will prove essential reading for graduate students and researchers in biophysics and nonlinear physics as well as allowing biologists, biochemists and physicists to continue to develop nontraditional techniques of investigating the DNA molecule.
DNA Structure.

DNA Dynamics.

DNA Functioning.

Linear Theory of DNA.

Nonlinear Theory of DNA: Ideal Dynamical Models.

Nonlinear Theory of DNA: Non-Ideal Models.

Nonlinear Theory of DNA: Statistics of Nonlinear Excitations.

Experimental Tests of DNA Nonlinearity.

Nonlinearity and Functioning.