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Nonprofit Law Made Easy

Nonprofit Law Made Easy

Bruce R. Hopkins

ISBN: 978-1-119-21542-4 August 2015 275 Pages




The ins and outs of law in the nonprofit sector--made easy!

Written by renowned author Bruce R. Hopkins, Nonprofit Law Made Easy is a must-read guide for executives, board members, officers, accountants, fundraisers, and others who handle legal issues that affect the way nonprofit organizations are formed and operated.

Nonprofit Law Made Easy presents in-depth discussions on such hot topics as acquiring and maintaining tax-exempt status, reporting requirements, charitable giving, disclosure requirements, unrelated business activities, fundraising, corporate governance principles, and board member liability. It also includes crucial information on avoiding nonprofit law traps and navigating governance and liability issues.

Packed with practical tips and hard-to-find, authoritative advice, Nonprofit Law Made Easy demystifies complex legal issues with plain-language explanations of laws and regulations for non-legal professionals.

Chapter 1. Forming a Nonprofit Organization.

Chapter 2. Acquiring and Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status.

Chapter 3. Public Charities and Private Foundations.

Chapter 4. Reporting Requirements.

Chapter 5. Charitable Giving.

Chapter 6. Disclosure Requirements.

Chapter 7. Unrelated Business Activities.

Chapter 8. Fundraising.

Chapter 9. Building on the Basics.

Chapter 10. Nonprofit Law Traps.

Chapter 11. Still More Law.

Chapter 12. Governance Principles and Liability.