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Nonsampling Error in Surveys



Nonsampling Error in Surveys

Judith T. Lessler, William D. Kalsbeek

ISBN: 978-0-471-86908-5 May 1992 432 Pages


Focuses on three areas of nonsampling survey errors: frame, nonresponse and measurement error. Each one is analyzed by defining key terms, formulating known effects and examining suggested remedies. Also, the terminology related to each source of error is reviewed while historically tracing the major contributions to the literature.
Sources of Survey Error.

Frames: Definitions of Frames and Frame Errors.

Frames: Quantifying Frame Errors.

Frames: Conducting Surveys with Imperfect Frames.

Nonresponse: Background and Terminology.

Nonresponse: Statistical Effects of the Problem.

Nonresponse: Dealing with the Problem.

Measurement: Survey Measurement and Measurement Error.

Measurement: Quantifying Measurement Error.

Measurement: Quantifying Measurement Error, Variability in Measurement.

Total Survey Design: More General Error Models.

Compedium of Nonsampling Error Terminology.