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Noonaville: The Search for Sanity, Volume 1

Noonaville: The Search for Sanity, Volume 1

Stephen Bolton

ISBN: 978-1-841-12677-7

Feb 2006, Capstone

214 pages

Select type: E-Book



A parallel universe in cartoons for connoisseurs of day-glo surrealism.

Noonaville is the cartoon sensation from the Sunday Times Style Magazine, each week it transports Style readers to a quirky alternative world somewhere between Twin Peaks, Royston Vasey and Brookside Close. In the book, the weirdness can be relived again and again with approximately 160 cartoons on themes of love, work, death, fashion and fun, plus a running narrative linking all the sections. Noonaville is set to be the humour book that people read under their desks, in front of the telly, in their lunch breaks & before they go to bed. It is bright, fun and funny and has cult status written all over it.


1. Wearing.

2. Working.

3. Outside.

4. Eating.

5. Love.

6. Living.

7. Fun.

8. Death.

Stephen Bolton.