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Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials, Revised and Updated

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials, Revised and Updated

Bruce Tulgan

ISBN: 978-1-119-19075-2 January 2016 Jossey-Bass 208 Pages


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Adapt your management methods to harness Millennial potential

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials provides employers with a workable game plan for turning Millennials into the stellar workforce they have the potential to be. The culmination of over two decades of research, this book provides employers with a practical framework for engaging, developing, and retaining the new generation of employees. This new revised and updated edition expands the discussion to include the new 'second-wave' Millennials, those Tulgan refers to as 'Generation Z,' and explores the ways in which these methods and tactics are becoming increasingly critical in the face of the profoundly changing global workforce.

Baby Boomers are aging out and the newest generation is flowing in. Savvy employers are proactively harnessing the talent and potential these younger workers bring to the table. This book shows how to become a savvy employer and. . . 

  • Understand the generational shift occurring in the workplace
  • Recruit, motivate, engage, and retain the newest new young workforce
  • Discover best practices through proven strategies, case studies, and step-by-step instructions
  • Explore new research on the second-wave Millennials ('Generation Z') as well as continuing research on the first-wave Millennials ('Generation Y')
  • Teach Millennials how to manage themselves, help their managers manage them, and how to become new leaders themselves

It's not your imagination—Millennial workers are different, but that difference is shaped by the same forces that make potentially exceptional workers. Employers who can engage Millennials' passion and loyalty have great things ahead. Not Everyone Gets a Trophy is your handbook for building the next great workforce.

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CHAPTER ONE Meet the Millennial Generation: The Most High-Maintenance Workforce in the History of the World . . . and Likely to Be the Most High Performing 1

CHAPTER TWO Get Them on Board Fast with the Right Messages 17

CHAPTER THREE Get Them Up-to-Speed Quickly, and Turn Them into Knowledge Workers 43

CHAPTER FOUR Practice In Loco Parentis Management 57

CHAPTER FIVE Give Them the Gift of Context 77

CHAPTER SIX Help Them to Care About Great Customer Service 93

CHAPTER SEVEN Teach Them How to Manage Themselves 105

CHAPTER EIGHT Teach Them How to Be Managed by You 127

CHAPTER NINE Retain the Best of Them, One Day at a Time 151

CHAPTER TEN Build the Next Generation of Leaders 169