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Nuclear Physics for Applications

Nuclear Physics for Applications

Stanley G. Prussin

ISBN: 978-3-527-40700-2

Oct 2007

650 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Written by a researcher and teacher with experience at top institutes in the US and Europe, this textbook provides advanced undergraduates minoring in physics with working knowledge of the principles of nuclear physics. Simplifying models and approaches reveal the essence of the principles involved, with the mathematical and quantum mechanical background integrated in the text where it is needed and not relegated to the appendices. The practicality of the book is enhanced by numerous end-of-chapter problems and solutions available on the Wiley homepage.

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- Introduction
- Nuclear Masses and Energetics of Radioactive Decay and Nuclear Reactions
- Phenomenology of Radioactive Decay and Nuclear Reactions
- Nuclear Binding Energies: Empirical Data and the Forces in Nuclei
- The Semi-Empirical Mass Formula and Applications to Radioactive Decay
- Elements of Quantum Mechanics
- Nuclear Structure: The Spherical Shell Model
- Nuclear Shapes, Deformed Nuclei and Collective Effects
- Alpha Decay and Barrier Penetration
- Beta Decay
- Gamma Decay and Internal Conversion
- Nuclear Fission
- Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions
- The Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter
- Appendix 1: Atomic Masses
- Appendix 2: Nuclide Table
  • Conveying a working understanding of the essentials of nuclear physics to advanced undergraduate students minoring in physics
  • Simplifying models and approaches to reveal their essence
  • Mathematical and Quantum Mechanical Background not in appendices but in the text where needed
  • Numerous end-of-chapter problems
  • Solutions manual available
  • From a researcher and teacher with experience at pinnacle institutions in the US and Europe