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Nucleation Theory and Applications

Nucleation Theory and Applications

J¿rn W. P. Schmelzer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60476-0 March 2006 472 Pages




An overview of recent developments in the field of first-order phase transitions, which may be considered a continuation of the previous work 'Aggregation Phenomena in Complex Systems', covering work done and discussed since then.
Each chapter features a different aspect of the field written by international specialists, and covers such topics as nucleation and crystallization kinetic of silicate glasses, nucleation in concentration gradients, the determination of coefficients of emission of nucleation theory, diamonds from vitreous carbon.
Solid-Liquid and Liquid-Vapor Phase Transitions: Similarities and Differences
A New Method of Determination of the Coefficients of Emission in Nucleation Theory
Nucleation and Crystallization Kinetics of Silicate Glasses: Theory and Experiment
Boiling-Up Kinetics of Solutions of Cryogenic Liquids
Correlated Nucleation and Self-Organized Kinetics of Ferroelectric Domains
Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Nano-Films
Diamonds by Transport Reactions with Vitreous Carbon and from the Plasma Torch: New and Old Methods of Metastable Diamond Synthesis and Growth
Nucleation in Micellization Processes
Nucleation in a Concentration Gradient
Is Gibbs' Thermodynamic Theory Really Perfect?
Summary and Outlook