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Numeracy Tests For Dummies

Colin Beveridge

ISBN: 978-1-119-95318-0 May 2012 352 Pages


The easy way to get practice and excel at numeracy tests

Whether you're looking for a new job, applying to certain university courses, or attempting to join the military, you're increasingly likely to face a numeracy test as part of the screening process. And the only way to prepare for a numeracy test is practise. Numeracy Tests For Dummies is an accessible one-stop guide to pass these test. Featuring expert advice, instruction, review, and plenty of practise, Numeracy Tests For Dummies will help you succeed.

Numeracy Tests For Dummies contains instruction and revision on:

  • Basic mathematical knowledge and skills
  • Data interpretation
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Numerical sequencing
Introduction 1

Part I: Preparing for Your Numeracy Test 7

Chapter 1: Getting Started 9

Chapter 2: Putting a Practice Plan Together 25

Chapter 3: Tackling Test Day 37

Part II: A Whistle-Stop Tour of the Maths You Need 51

Chapter 4: Refreshing Your Basic Maths 53

Chapter 5: Blitzing Beyond the Basics 73

Chapter 6: Mastering Mental Arithmetic 91

Chapter 7: Reaching Into Real-World Maths 107

Chapter 8: Interpreting Data 125

Part III: Practice Tests 143

Chapter 9: Mental Arithmetic Tests 145

Chapter 10: Testing Real-World Maths 171

Chapter 11: Data Handling Tests 201

Chapter 12: Advanced Data Handling Tests 237

Chapter 13: Mixed Tests 255

Part IV: The Part of Tens 281

Chapter 14: Ten Ways To Find A Sense Of Calm While Studying 283

Chapter 15: Ten Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study 289

Chapter 16: Ten Tips For Tackling Tough Test Questions 297

Chapter 17: Ten Ways To Make Your Exam Easier 303

Index 309