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Numerical Distance Protection: Principles and Applications, 4th Edition



Numerical Distance Protection: Principles and Applications, 4th Edition

Gerhard Ziegler

ISBN: 978-3-895-78381-4 March 2011 419 Pages


Distance protection provides the basis for network protection in transmission systems and meshed distribution systems. This book covers the fundamentals of distance protection and the special features of numerical technology. The emphasis is placed on the application of numerical distance relays in distribution and transmission systems.
This book is aimed at students and engineers who wish to familiarise themselves with the subject of power system protection, as well as the experienced user, entering the area of numerical distance protection. Furthermore it serves as a reference guide for solving application problems.
For this fourth edition all contents, especially the descriptions of numerical protection devices and the very useful appendix have been revised and updated.
General principles of distance protection
Numerical distance measurement
Influencing signals
Device configuration
Application in distribution and industrial networks
Application in transmission networks
Protection settings
Calculation examples
Commissioning, testing and maintenance of protection systems