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Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications

Numerical Linear Algebra With Applications

Edited By:Panayot S. Vassilevski

Online ISSN: 1099-1506

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Manuscripts submitted to Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications should include large-scale broad-interest applications in which challenging computational results are integral to the approach investigated and analysed. Manuscripts that, in the Editor’s view, do not satisfy these conditions will not be accepted for review.

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications receives submissions in areas that address developing, analysing and applying linear algebra algorithms for solving problems arising in multilinear (tensor) algebra, in statistics, such as Markov Chains, as well as in deterministic and stochastic modelling of large-scale networks, algorithm development, performance analysis or related computational aspects.

Topics covered include: Standard and Generalized Conjugate Gradients, Multigrid and Other Iterative Methods; Preconditioning Methods; Direct Solution Methods; Numerical Methods for Eigenproblems; Newton-like Methods for Nonlinear Equations; Parallel and Vectorizable Algorithms in Numerical Linear Algebra; Application of Methods of Numerical Linear Algebra in Science, Engineering and Economics.