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Nunamuit: Among Alaska's Inland Eskimos

Nunamuit: Among Alaska's Inland Eskimos

Helge Ingstad

ISBN: 978-0-881-50761-4

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368 pages

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In 1949 Helge Ingstad flew into a very remote area of northern Alaska where the last surviving group of Nunamiut Eskimos, a highly mobile caribou hunting people, still resided. Nunamiut: Among Alaska\'s Inland Eskimos is Ingstad\'s richly detailed account of his nine-month stay among this small, 65-person community of hunters and gatherers. He recorded their legends and songs, documented their daily lives in photos and motion pictures, and participated in their caribou hunts and fishing expeditions.

At the conclusion of Ingstad\'s stay, the Nunamiut extended an exceptional gesture of friendship by naming a mountain located at the summit of Anaktuvuk Pass in his memory. In the more than 50 years since, that peak has been locally known as Ingstad Mountain. Upon Ingstad\'s death in 2001, the community of Anaktuvuk Pass petitioned the United States Board on Geographic Names to officially name the mountain after him, and in the spring of 2006, Ingstad Mountain was officially designated on all future maps of the area. 45 black and white photographs, 21 black and white illustrations, index.