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Nursing & Health Sciences

Nursing & Health Sciences

Edited By:Teresa Stone and Rose McMaster

Vol 20(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1441-0745 Online ISSN: 1442-2018 Impact Factor: 1.237


Nursing & Health Sciences (NHS) is a premier international journal focusing on the exchange of knowledge in nursing and health sciences, particularly between the East and West. It has an international authorship, readership and Editorial Board. The journal was the first nursing and health sciences journal to be fully published in English in Japan. It began in 1999 and is published with the Society for Nursing and Health Sciences at Yamaguchi University. By encouraging Eastern and Western scholars to share their knowledge and experiences, Nursing & Health Sciences provides readers with a deeper understanding of health care around the world, and the opportunity to enrich their own practices to improve global health.

The types of articles published in NHS are papers on:
• Original research of all designs and methods, related to clinical practice, education, health policy, health management, health service delivery and evaluation, or public health.
• Research methodology and protocols.
• Systematic reviews of research evidence (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods); meta-analyses, meta-syntheses. (Please note that narrative or traditional literature reviews are no longer published).
• Scholarly papers presenting in-depth analysis and discussion of philosophical, theoretical, conceptual, professional practice or health policy issues or innovations. Authors should note that concept analysis papers are not a priority for publication in NHS.
• Commentary on previous articles published in NHS (include all details of the article being published) or Letters to the Editor.
NOTE: Authors wishing to write Guest Editorials should communicate directly with the Editor-in-Chief.