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Nursing Homeless Men: A Study of Proactive Intervention



Nursing Homeless Men: A Study of Proactive Intervention

John Atkinson

ISBN: 978-1-861-56149-7 April 2002 308 Pages


Research in Nursing Series The main objectives of this study were to present profiles of a hostel in Glasgow and a comparative hostel, to make assessments and referrals and to evaluate their effect. These objectives were successfully met along with secondary objectives to discover insights into the residents' experiences and lifestyles, and their interaction with health and nursing services.

The objectives were addressed by gathering and analysing quantitative and qualitative data and the use of theoretical perspectives: Roy's nursing theory of adaptation (to study the men as individuals) and a sociological perspective, including Deviance Theory, to examine the men as a group. Although the study concentrated on District Nursing practise, it demonstrates universal methods of nursing practise relevant to all community nurses.


Literature Review.

Research Design, Method and Pilot Study.

Results: Part One.

Results: Part Two.

Results: Evaluation of the Health Professionals.


Evaluation: The Expert Panel and Expert Witness.

Analysis: The Men as Individuals.

Analysis: The Residents as a Group.

Discussion and Recommendations.

Appendix I - Fieldwork Pack.

Appendix II - Sample Letters.