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Nutritional and Metabolic Bases of Cardiovascular Disease

Nutritional and Metabolic Bases of Cardiovascular Disease

Mario Mancini (Editor), Jose M. Ordovas (Editor), Gabrielle Riccardi (Editor), Paolo Rubba (Editor), Pasquale Strazzullo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31845-6

Jan 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

488 pages


Extraordinary advances in the understanding of the links between nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular disease have prompted a systematic reappraisal of knowledge in the field. As a result, it is now imperative that clinicians who care for patients with CVD or its key risk factors have a solid understanding of the often complex interrelationships between cardiovascular health and chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Written by a team of international thought leaders in cardiology, endocrinology, diabetology and nutritional science, this important new book:

  • Examines and updates the role of obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, thrombosis, and aging in atherogenesis
  • Describes in detail the scientific and clinical evidence of the etiopathogenesis of ischemic heart disease as well as of peripheral and cerebrovascular disease
  • Focuses on the 6 topics that will be of greatest interest to readers: 1) general nutrition, 2) metabolic syndrome and diabetes, 3) hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, 4) hypertension and cerebrovascular disease, 5) hemostasis and thrombosis, 6) aging

Throughout the book, in clear and accessible text, contributors illuminate the close relationship between dietary habits, the metabolic processes of nutrients, and their impact on the cardiovascular system, always with an eye on how the physician can use this information to implement better cardiovascular prevention and improve  patient care. Nutritional and Metabolic Bases of Cardiovascular Disease is ideal for those who need to update their knowledge of the links between nutrition, metabolism and CVD, from trainees, clinicians and clinical investigators in cardiovascular medicine to endocrinologists, diabetologists, and nutritionists.

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Contributor list.



Section I Nutrition and Obesity.

1 Basics of Energy Balance (Luca Scalfi, Fabrizio Pasanisi, & Franco Contaldo).

2 Genotype-Phenotype Associations: Modulation by Diet and Obesity (José M. Ordovas&Mireia Junyent).

3 Etiopathogenesis of Obesity (Marie-Eve Mathieu & Angelo Tremblay).

4 The Epidemiology of Obesity (W. Philip T. James & Rachel Leach).

5 Pre-Diabetes in Obese Adolescents: Pathophysiologic Mechanisms (Anna M.G. Cali & Sonia Caprio).

6 Complications and Comorbidities of Obesity (Franco Contaldo, Fabrizio Pasanisi, & Mario Mancini).

7 Cardiovascular Damage in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, (Giovanni de Simone, Richard B. Devereux, & Oreste de Divitiis).

8 Treatment of Obesity: Beneficial Effects on Comorbidities and Lifespan (George A. Bray).

9 A Review of Results from Swedish Obese Subjects, SOS (Lars Sjöström).

10 Optimal Nutrition for Health and Longevity (Francesco P. Mancini & Mario Mancini).

Section II Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes.

11 Definition and Diagnostic Criteria for Metabolic Syndrome (Wm. James Howard, Giovanni de Simone, & Barbara V. Howard).

12 Cardiac and Vascular Effects of Adipocytokines in Normal and Obese Individuals: The Concept of Cardiometabolic Risk (Roberto Vettor, Claudio Pagano, Marco Rossato, & Giovanni Federspil).

13 Dietary Carbohydrates, Overweight and Metabolic Syndrome: The Role of Glycemic

Index in a Healthy Diet (Angela Albarosa Rivellese & Rosalba Giacco).

14 Metabolic Effects ofWholegrain Foods in Relation to Composition, Structure and Type

of Food (Hannu Mykk¨anen, Marjukka Kolehmainen, Isabel Bondia Pons, & Kaisa Poutanen).

15 Complex Dietary Patterns (Mediterranean Diet, Vegetarian/Vegan Dietary Models): Impact on Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism (Jim Mann).

16 Physical Activity and Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases (Eduardo Farinaro, Elisabetta Della Valle, & Roberto Grimaldi).

17 Physical Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, Diabetes, and Metabolic

Syndrome (Virginie Messier, Anne-Sophie Brazeau, Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, & Antony Karelis).

18 Functional Foods for Diabetes and Obesity (Gabriele Riccardi, Brunella Capaldo, &

Olga Vaccaro).

Section III Hypercholesterolemia and Early Atherosclerosis.

19 Familial Dyslipidemias: From Genetics to Clinical Picture (Paolo Rubba,Marco Gentile, Salvatore Panico, & Paolo Pauciullo).

20 HDL, Reverse Cholesterol Transport, and Atherosclerosis (Guido Franceschini, Monica Gomaraschi, & Laura Calabresi).

21 Role of Polyunsaturated Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Micronutrient Intake on Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease (Francesco Visioli, Doriane Richard, Pedro Bausero, & Claudio Galli).

22 Alcohol Intake, Dyslipidemia, and CVD (Saverio Stranges & Maurizio Trevisan).

23 Dyslipidemia in Chronic Renal Disease (Carmine Zoccali).

24 Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Dyslipidemia, and Cardiovascular Risk (Jan Kvetny & Jørgen Gram).

25 Genetic Influences on Blood Lipids and Cardiovascular Disease Risk (Jose M. Ordovas & Mireia Junyent).

26 The Relationship between Dyslipidemia and Inflammation (Branislav Vohnout, Giovanni de Gaetano, Maria Benedetta Donati, & Licia Iacoviello).

27 Dyslipidemia in Children: Diagnosis and Management (Leiv Ose).

28 Early Atherosclerotic Lesions in Childhood and Adolescence (Paolo Rubba, Gabriella Iannuzzo, Fabrizio Jossa, Gennaro Marotta, & Arcangelo Iannuzzi).

29 Phytosterols, Plasma Lipids and CVD Risk (Gerd Assmann & Udo Seedorf).

30 Nitric Oxide in the Development of Vascular Diseases and Regenerative Angiogenesis (Claudio Napoli & Louis J. Ignarro).

31 Impact of Treating Dyslipidemia on Cardiovascular Events (? Zeljko Reiner & Diana Mua?cevi´c-Katanec).

32 Evolution of the Lipid Clinic, 1968–2008 (Barry Lewis).

Section IV Nutrition, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease.

33 From Abdominal Adiposity to Hypertension: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications (Albert P. Rocchini).

34 Role of the Adipose-Tissue Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Obesity and Obesity-Associated Hypertension (Stefan Engeli).

35 Relationship of Dietary Electrolyte Intake to Blood Pressure Regulation and

Hypertension (Francesco P. Cappuccio).

36 Genetic Susceptibility and Metabolic Bases of BP Salt Sensitivity (Ferruccio Galletti & Pasquale Strazzullo).

37 Are Sodium and Potassium Intake Independent Predictors of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Events?(Pasquale Strazzullo, Gianvincenzo Barba, & Renato Ippolito).

38 Metabolic and Dietary Influences on Sympathetic Nervous System Activity (Elaine Ku, Tanzina Nasreen, Jeanie Park, & Vito M. Campese).

39 Improved Nutrition: Key to Solving the Populationwide Blood Pressure Problem (Jeremiah Stamler).

40 Alcohol and Coffee Intake, BP, and Cerebrovascular Disorders (Tanika N. Kelly & Jiang He).

41 Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, Hypertension, and Risk of Stroke (Lydia A. Bazzano & Domnica Fotino).

42 Complex Dietary Patterns and Blood Pressure (Alfonso Siani & L. Aldo Ferrara).

43 Role of Obesity and Metabolic Alterations in Hypertensive Renal Disease and in Chronic Kidney Disease (Carmine Zoccali, Daniela Leonardis, & Francesca Mallamaci).

44 Current Experience and Future Perspectives forWorldwide Reduction of Dietary Salt Intake (Naomi M. Marrero, Feng J. He,& Graham A. MacGregor).

Section V Hemostasis and Thrombosis: From Nutritional Influences to

Cardiovascular Events.

45 Risk Factors for Arterial Thrombosis (Giovanni de Gaetano, Romina di Giuseppe, & Maria Benedetta Donati).

46 Platelets, Leukocytes, and VascularWall Interactions in Cardiovascular Disease: Modulatory Effects of Dietary Polyphenols (Chiara Cerletti, Serenella Rotondo, & Giovanni de Gaetano).

47 Gene–Environment Interaction in the Molecular Regulation of Plasma Coagulation Proteins (Maurizio Margaglione, Elvira Grandone, Matteo N.D. Di Minno, & Giovanni Di Minno).

48 Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease: ?-3 PUFA (Elena Tremoli, Matteo Nicola Dario Di Minno & Giovanni Di Minno).

49 Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease: Homocysteine (Matteo Nicola Dario Di Minno, Elena Tremoli, & Giovanni Di Minno).

Section VI Nutrition, Metabolism, and the Aging Process.

50 Nutrients and Cellular Aging (Roberto Paternò & Francesco P. Mancini).

51 Interaction between Diet and Genes on Longevity (Annibale Alessandro Puca, Chiara Viviani Anselmi, & Thomas Perls).

52 The Role of Diet on Cognitive Decline and Dementia (Alfredo Postiglione & Giovanni Gallotta).

53 Neurovascular Protection in Old Age (Jean-Marc Bugnicourt & Jean-Marc Chillon).

54 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Their Treatment in the Oldest Old (Kay-Tee Khaw).

55 Nutrition and Lifespan in Developing Countries (Arun Chockalingam).