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OPEC Energy Review

OPEC Energy Review

Edited By:Hasan Hafidh (Executive Editor)

Vol 41(4 Issues in 2017 )

Print ISSN: 1753-0229

Online ISSN: 1753-0237

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


The OPEC Energy Review publishes original, peer-reviewed analytical papers on energy economics and related issues, such as economic development and the environment. The journal provides a forum for information exchange among academics worldwide and for the general enhancement of research, with a broad-based readership in industry and among scholars, consultants and policymakers.

The journal welcomes submissions on a wide range of energy-related topics, including:
• Energy economics;
• Energy and economic development;
• Energy and the environment;
• Oil demand and pricing.

Aside from its impact in economics, OPEC Energy Review is cited by researchers working in environmental science, political science and international relations, among other fields.

In addition to the regular inclusion of a wide variety of original, refereed papers, special issues focus on such themes as oil demand and pricing, the environment and energy in Africa, or contain conference proceedings. The journal also provides an exclusive outlet for the dissemination of reports and data prepared by OPEC's Vienna-based Secretariat, whose extensive research facilities and expertise on energy, founded upon decades of experience, are based on the perspective of Third World oil-producing nations. Publication of the journal underlines OPEC's long-standing commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of energy matters and their impact upon the world economy and the welfare of individual nations.