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Jiva DeVoe

ISBN: 978-0-470-47922-3

Feb 2011

382 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A soup-to-nuts guide on the Objective-C programming language

Objective-C is the language behind Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, which is the Framework of applications written for the Macintosh, iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad platforms. Part of the Developer Reference series covering the hottest Apple topics, this book covers everything from the basics of the C language to advanced aspects of Apple development. You’ll examine Objective-C and high-level subjects of frameworks, threading, networking, and much more.

  • Covers the basics of the C language and then quickly moves onto Objective-C and more advanced topics
  • Draws from the author’s first-hand experience garnered while developing applications for the Mac and iPhone OS platforms
  • Includes chapters on classes, memory management, threads, and the Foundation framework
  • Also covers advanced topics like protocols, categories, associated objects, and blocks

Featuring real-life examples drawn from the author's experience, Objective-C offers an insider look at this amazing programming language.



Part I: Introducing Objective-C.

Chapter 1: Introducing Objective-C.

Chapter 2: Understanding Basic Syntax.

Chapter 3: Adding Objects.

Chapter 4: Understanding Objective-C Memory Management.

Part II: Exploring Deeper Features.

Chapter 5: Working with Blocks.

Chapter 6: Using Key Value Coding and Key Value Observing.

Chapter 7: Working with Protocols.

Chapter 8: Extending Existing Class Capabilities.

Chapter 9: Writing Macros.

Chapter 10: Handling Errors.

Part III: Using the Foundation Framework.

Chapter 11: Understanding How the Frameworks Fit Together.

Chapter 12: Using Strings.

Chapter 13: Working with Collections.

Chapter 14: Using NSValue, NSNumber, and NSData.

Chapter 15: Working with Times and Dates.

Part IV: Exploring Advanced Topics.

Chapter 16: Multiprocessing with Threads.

Chapter 17: Objective-C Design Patterns.

Chapter 18: Reading and Writing Data with NSCoder.

Chapter 19: Using Objective-C on Other Platforms.


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