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Obstetric Ultrasound: Artistry in Practice

Obstetric Ultrasound: Artistry in Practice

John C. Hobbins

ISBN: 978-0-470-69548-7 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages




This evidence-based book shows how to use ultrasound to identify potential problems and
how best to manage them. Working backwards from the fetal finding or maternal problem,
this practical resource explores potential diagnostic routes and management plans.
Throughout the book, the author uses ‘case in point’ examples to focus on how to extract
the most useful information from a standard ultrasound examination. Dr. Hobbins, who
has spent more than three decades using ultrasound in a perinatal setting, also thoroughly
explores vital issues such as comprehensive examination of the fetal anatomy, the meaning of various abnormal findings, how ultrasound can be used to enhance the management of obstetrical
complications, dealing with discrepant biometry, diabetes and hypertension, advanced maternal age, preterm labor, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and safety of ultrasound.


1 Early pregnancy loss.

2 Placenta and umbilical cord.

3 Assessment of amniotic fluid.

4 Fetal biometry.

5 Intrauterine growth restriction.

6 Examination of the fetal cranium.

7 Examination of the fetal heart.

8 Fetal spine.

9 Fetal abdomen.

10 Fetal kidneys.

11 Fetal limbs.

12 Multiple gestations.

13 Advanced maternal age.

14 Diabetes.

15 Preeclampsia.

16 Preterm labor.

17 Rh disease (erythroblastosis fetalis).

18 3D and 4D ultrasound.

19 The safety of ultrasound.

20 The biophysical profile (BPP).

21 Ultrasound on the labor and delivery floor.

22 The Hobbins take on various hot topics.



Color plate section is found facing p. 22

"A delight to read … .The style is almost conversational, peppered with occasional humorous asides, but content is evidence based, up-to-date and relevant." (ASUM Ultrasound Bulletin, November 2008)

“[Reader] can gain valuable lessons from the clinical pearls … .A great resource … .High quality, fun to read, educational text.” (Doody's Book Reviews)

This evidence-based book uniquely uses the ultrasound to pose questions about potential problems and how best to manage the patient

  • written by John C Hobbins, an expert in the field who has published extensively and has a reputation as an effective teacher
  • Evidence-based and experience based to aid understanding of complex problems
  • Uniquely works backwards from the fetal or maternal problem, exploring the questions the ultrasound poses and potential diagnosis routes and management plans
  • Easily accessible, written in a light-hearted way with over 200 images and case reports used to illustrate each topic