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Occupational Therapy in Housing: Building on Firm Foundations

Occupational Therapy in Housing: Building on Firm Foundations

Sylvia Clutton (Editor), Jani Grisbooke (Editor), Sue Pengelly (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-03520-7

Mar 2006

272 pages



This book provides practitioners with the foundations onto which they can build their own understanding and practice within housing.

It is based on two fundamental principles: the importance of homes becoming enabling environments, and promoting user-centred services. The authors argues that occupational therapists working in the distinct context of housing require additional background knowledge and professional skills to those used within healthcare settings.

  • Explores a broad range of theory bases and developing practice within the area of occupational therapy in housing
  • Presents a vast array of knowledge, research and experience
  • Written by occupational therapists working as practitioners, educators and managers, alongside academics in the social policy and disability issues


Chapter 1: The theory bases (Jani Grisbrooke).

Chapter 2: The assessment process (Frances Heywood).

Chapter 3: The social model and clinical reasoning (Sue Pengelly).

Chapter 4: Housing: the user’s perspective (Sally French and John Swain).

Chapter 5: Conveying information through drawing (Peter Ashlee, Sylvia Clutton, Sue Pengelly and Jon Cowderoy).

Chapter 6: Access standards: evolution of inclusive housing (Paraig O’Brien).

Chapter 7: Housing adaptations and community care (Clare Picking).

Chapter 8: Ergonomics and housing (Carla Benedict, Samantha Pooley and Jani Grisbrooke).

Chapter 9: Evaluation for service users and service performance (Sue Pengelly and Andrew Winfield).

Chapter 10: Smart technology at home (Kathryn McNab).



""... publication provides the firm foundations to becoming the recommended first choice text for any occupational therapists interested in housing-related issues."" (British Journal of Occupational Therapy, January 2007)