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Occupied France: Collaboration And Resistance 1940-1944

Occupied France: Collaboration And Resistance 1940-1944

Roderick Kedward

ISBN: 978-0-631-13927-0

Jan 1991, Wiley-Blackwell

108 pages

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This concise history of France from the occupation in 1940 to liberation in 1944 focuses on the struggle between those who favoured collaboration with the occupying Germans and those who opted to resist.
Roderick Kedward shows how ordinary people experienced the occupation; he examines the politics and ideology of the Victory regime, and he discusses the many different forms of resistance launched from inside and outside France. He particularly emphasizes the changing nature of both collaboration and resistance as the pressure of the occupatoin intensified, and asks whether France was involved in a civil war by 1944.
1. Occupation.

2. Victory.

3. Collaboration.

4. Resistance.

5. Liberation.

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"A splendid book. It provides an admirably concise narrative of the major events and personalities that shaped the experience of collaboration and resistance in France between 1940 and 1944 with many new insights drawn from recent research." Teaching History

"A tour de force. To write a history of Vichy, collaboration, resistance and liberation in only 80 pages ... is a feat only as skilled and scholarly a historian such as Mr. Kedward could have carried out." Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France