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Oceanic Sedimentation: Lithology and Geochemistry

Oceanic Sedimentation: Lithology and Geochemistry

Alexander P. Lisitzin

ISBN: 978-1-118-66500-8

Apr 2013, American Geophysical Union

407 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Special Publications Series.

We are pleased to present this edited translation of Oceanic Sedimentation, from the original Russian edition of Alexander Lisitzin's Processes in Oceanic Sedimentation: Lithology and Geochemistry (Nauka). Published originally in 1978, this volume represents an important, major synthesis on oceanic sediments and major processes governing their formation and distribution in space and time. The primary focus of this volume is the influence of the environment, especially climate, on the mineral, chemical, and isotopic composition of sediments and their physical characteristics. This global perspective is rich in data about sediment sources, composition, transportation, volumes, fluxes, and budgets. We consider that this edited translation is of particular importance because Lisitzin's compilation is one of the broadest and most comprehensive available in any language.

Preface  v

Introduction  vii

Part I: Delivery of Sedimentary Material to the Oceans  1

Chapter 1. Distributive Provinces of the Earth  3

Part II: Terrigenous Sedimentation in the Oceans 25

Chapter 2. The Formation of Sedimentary Material on Land  27

Chapter 3. Quantitative Distribution  f Terrigenous Material  47

Chapter 4. Concepts of the Role of Eolian Material in Oceanic Sedimentation 74

Chapter 5. New Conceptso f the Role of Iceberg a nd Ice-Derived Sediments in Oceanic Sedimentation  130

Chapter 6. Mineralogy and Provinces of Terrigenous Material 161

Chapter 7. The Age of Terrigenous Material as an Indicator of Its Origins
(Age and Isotopic Measurements) 192

Part III: Biogenic Sedimentation in the Oceans  231

Chapter8 . Carbonate Sedimentation 235

Chapter 9. Silica Deposition  285

Part IV: Volcanism  321

Chapter 10. Volcanogenic Sedimentation  322

Chapter 11. Ocean Bed Volcanism (Oceanic Platforms)  336

Chapter 12. Conclusion  356

Notes  363

Bibliography  365