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Oceanology of the Antarctic Continental Shelf

Oceanology of the Antarctic Continental Shelf

Stanley S. Jacobs (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66520-6

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

312 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 43.

This is the first oceanology volume of the Antarctic Research Series to be devoted to the continental shelf. That region is of special interest because of its great depth and its climatic role in the production of sea ice, ventilation of the deep ocean, and wastage of the Antarctic ice sheet. Sea ice persists along much of the continental shelf during the austral summer, so that shipboard observations there have often been difficult and sometimes dangerous. Fortunately, time series measurements from bottom-moored instruments and analyses of satellite imagery are beginning to supplement the data that can be collected on summer expeditions. Geochemical tracers, high-resolution vertical profiling instruments and computer modeling are also providing new insights into the continental shelf circulation.

The Antarctic Research Series: Statement of Objectives 
Board of Associate Editors  vii

Preface  ix

GEBCO Bathymetric Sheet 5.18 (Circum-Antarctic)
J. R. Vanney and G. L. Johnson  1

Circulation and Water Masses on the Southern Weddell Sea Shelf
A. Foldvik, T. Gammelsrcd, and T. Terresen  5

Bottom Currents Near the Continental Shelf Break in the Weddell Sea
Arne Foldvik, Thor Kvinge, and Tot Terresen  21

Interaction Between Ice Shelf and Ocean in George VI Sound, Antarctica.
J. R. Potter and J. G. Paten  35

Origin and Evolution of Water Masses Near the Antarctic Continental Margin:
Evidence From H2180/H2160 Ratios in Seawater
Stanley S. Jacobs, Richard G. Fairbanks, and Yoshio Horibe  59

Preliminay Orbservations From Long-Term Current Meter Moorings Ne ar
the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
R. Dale Pillsbury and Stanley S. Jacobs  87

Tidal Rectification Below the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
D. R. MacAyeal  109

Evolution of Tidally Triggered Meltwater Plumes Below Ice Shelves
D. R. MacAyeal  133

The Winter Oceanography of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
E. L. Lewis and R. G. Perkin  145

Observations in the Boundary Layer Under the Sea Ice in McMurdo Sound
W. M. Mitchell and J. A. T. Bye  167

A Recurring, Atmospherically Forced Polynya in Terra Nova Bay
Dennis D. Kurtz and David H. Bromwich 177

Antarctic Offshore Leads and Polynyas and Oceanographic Effects
H. Jay Zwaily, J. C. Comiso, and A. L. Gordon  203

A Passive Microwave Study of Polynyas Along the Antarctic Wilkes Land Coast
Donald J. Cavalieri and Seelye Martin  227

Some Effects of Ocean Currents and Wave Motion on the Dynamics of Floating
Glacier Tongues
G. Holdsworth  253

Tidal Measurements Along the Antarctic Coastline
J. R. E. Lutjeharms, C. C. Stavropoulos, and K. P. Koltermann  273

Oceanographic Influences on Sedimentation Along the Antarctic Continental Shelf
Robert B. Dunbar, John B. Anderson, Eugene W. Domack, and Stanley S. Jacobs  291