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Offshoring Opportunities: Strategies and Tactics for Global Competitiveness

Offshoring Opportunities: Strategies and Tactics for Global Competitiveness

John Berry

ISBN: 978-1-119-20130-4

Aug 2015

272 pages

Select type: O-Book


offshoring opportunities is on target for today's marketplace

"This book provides a much needed framework for offshoring that supports making sound business decisions in this area, and it can help guide the management of the resulting offshore relationship in an efficient and effective manner. John brings clarity and structure to this broad and complex subject."
-Jim Maloney Chief Security Executive Corillian Corporation

"An extremely well-written and researched book. Starts with a good background on the political and cultural implications of offshoring and proceeds to provide an invaluable guide to take the reader through the sourcing decision and how to make it."
-Charly Paelinck Vice President of Application Development Harrah's Casino

"We evaluate many different offshoring and site selection decisions each year for our clients, and I encourage every executive faced with these quandaries to consider the strategies discussed in this book. Offshoring Opportunities can be used as a practical review before investing millions, and it may just help you avoid several unintended consequences."
-Jay Doherty Principal Mercer Human Resource Consulting


Chapter 1: Offshoring And Its Discontents.

What Is Offshoring?

Understanding Offshoring The Way A Manager Would.

Business Process Offshoring.

Chapter 2: Everything You Can Send Down A Wire Is Up For Grabs.

Setting The Stage For Offshoring.

Drivers Of Offshoring Are Interdependent.

How Big Can This Thing Get?

Cognitive Food Chain.

Invincibility Of The Symbolic Analyst?

Offshoring Innovation.

Chapter 3: Coase And The Changing Nature Of Work.

Will The Nature Of Work Change?

Software Industry Offers Hints.

Offshoring Offers Hints.

Chapter 4: Pouring The Foundation: The Offshoring Value Delivery Framework.

Strategy Development: Think.

Strategy/Goals Alignment: A Balanced Scorecard Approach.

In House Or Out House: Issue Of Control.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 5: Is The Organization Ready?

Strategic Level Readiness.

Building The Safety Net.

Argument For A Big Response.

Operational Level Readiness.

Operational Level Readiness: The Elements.

When The Operational Framework Fails.

Belief In Empiricism Is The Answer.

A Shared Services Perspective.

Business Case.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 6: Making The Case.

Business Case Lives.

Process Of Discovery.

Captive Versus Service Provider Business Case.

Total Value Of A Business Case.

How To Represent Costs.

Offshoring Cost/Benefit Model.

Mapping Costs Analysis To The Offshoring Value Delivery Framework.

Chapter 7: So Many Choices.

Selection Process: Plan.

Selection Criteria Development.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 8: Location Is Everything.

Site Selection.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 9: An Alliance Is Forged.

Relationship Building.

Pilot Project.

Security Framework.

Revise Business Case.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 10: Let’s Make A Deal.


Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 11: Other Relationship Details.

Chief Outsourcing/Offshoring Officer.

Good To Great, Then Offshore Versus Offshore, Then Good To Great.

Relationship Defined By Pricing.

Exit Strategy.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 12: Start Of A Beautiful Friendship.

Ongoing Management: Execute & Manage.


Performance Tracking and Value Auditing.


Final Thoughts On the Offshore Vlaue Delivery Framework.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 13: Calling All Low Cost Reps.

Mixed Attitudes About Contact Centers.

Chapter Takeaway.

Chapter 14: Toward Best Practices.