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On Psychotherapy 2

Petruska Clarkson

ISBN: 978-1-861-56227-2 January 2002 200 Pages


Clarkson on Psychotherapy, which has been reprinted three times, has become something of a classic. It drew together some of Petruska Clarkson?s best writings on the practice of psychotherapy, and its processes and outcomes. Eight years later, Professor Clarkson has again selected some of her most innovative, thoughful and indeed seminal writings to form a second volume.
Beyond schoolism.

Working with countertransference.

Existentialism and five relational modes.

Intersubjectivity and recovered memory.


As within, so without.

Supervision: an invariant action sequence - the Clarkson Intervention Priority Sequencing Model.

The ethics of collegial relationships.

On the Sublime.