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On the Practice of Safety, 4th Edition

On the Practice of Safety, 4th Edition

Fred A. Manuele

ISBN: 978-1-118-57478-2

May 2013

616 pages



Explains how to implement the best safety practices and why they work

Reviews from the Third Edition

"An excellent piece of work."
Safety Health Practitioner (SHP)

"This is a book to be read now for its educational value and also to be kept on the shelf for easy future reference."
Chemistry International

"A useful fountain of knowledge."
Quality World

The Fourth Edition of On the Practice of Safety makes it possible for readers to master all the core subjects and practices that today's safety professionals need to know in order to provide optimal protection for their organizations' property and personnel. Like the previous editions, each chapter is a self-contained unit, making it easy for readers to focus on select topics of interest.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this Fourth Edition reflects the latest research and safety practice standards. For example, author Fred Manuele has revised the design chapters to reflect the recently adopted American National Standard on Prevention through Design. In addition, readers will find new chapters dedicated to:

  • Management of change and pre-job planning
  • Indirect-to-direct accident cost ratios
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Opportunities for safety professionals to apply lean concepts
  • Role of safety professionals in implementing sustainability
  • Financial management concepts and practices that safety professionals should know

Many chapters are highly thought-provoking, questioning long-accepted concepts in the interest of advancing and improving the professional practice of safety.

Acclaimed by both students and instructors, On the Practice of Safety is a core textbook for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in safety. Safety professionals should also refer to the text in order to update and improve their safety skills and knowledge.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1

1 On Becoming a Profession 11

2 Defining the Practice of Safety 27

3 Principles for the Practice of Safety: A Basis for Discussion 43

4 Academic and Skill Requirements for the Practice of Safety 63

5 Transitions Affecting the Practice of Safety 80

6 Acceptable Risk 102

7 Superior Safety Performance: A Reflection of an Organization’s Culture 125

8 Improving Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention 148

9 Management of Change/Prejob Planning 173

10 Reviewing Heinrich: Dislodging Two Myths from the Practice of Safety 234

11 Indirect-to-Direct Accident Cost Ratios 257

12 On Leading and Lagging Indicators 277

13 Systemic Socio-Technical Causation Model for Hazards-Related Incidents 293

14 Incident Investigation: Studies of Quality 316

15 Designer Incident Investigation 329

16 Safety Professionals and the Design Process: Opportunities 354

17 Guidelines: Designing for Safety 367

18 Prevention through Design: The Standard 388

19 System Safety: The Concept 408

20 Applied Ergonomics: Significance and Opportunity 428

21 On Quality Management and the Practice of Safety 453

22 Lean Concepts: Opportunities for Safety Professionals 471

23 Sustainability 491

24 Operational Risk Management Audits 511

25 Measurement of Safety Performance 535

26 A Short Course on Financial Management 562

Index 579